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Gaming At Your Best With The Dell Alienware M18X Gaming Laptop

If you're into heavy gaming and play PC games on a regular basis, the Dell Alienware M18X is a great gaming laptop when you want to improve on your gaming skills. eBay offers both new and pre-owned Dell Alienware M18x laptops at affordable prices.

What benefits does the Dell Alienware M18X offer?

Although people purchase computers from the Alienware brand exclusively for gaming, it can also be used for office productivity, listening to music, or watching movies. The machine contains beefy specs that gears it mainly toward people who play PC games on a regular basis. If you're a consistent gamer, the Alienware M18X will more than readily fulfill your gaming needs. It can also serve as a technical solution for buyers who want enough power without having to shell out extra cash on peripherals that would be required for a desktop computer.

The M18X has an array of features. Some of these features include:

  • 18.4-inch glossy WLED display with full HD (1920 x 1080 resolution)
  • Windows 7 - Windows 10 operating systems
  • Dedicated dual NVIDIA graphics cards for hardcore gaming
  • 8-16GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD/750GB-1GB 7200 RPM storage
What are the differences between the M18X Rs?

In addition to the standard features of the M18Xs like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SSD/hard drive storage, optical drive, and a 2-3 megapixel camera, the laptop features a backlit keyboard that varies in color. This feature gives dark rooms an ambiant appearance. The M18X comes in the variants listed below, with features that set them apart in terms of how far you want to push the graphical limits of your games. Here is how they differ:

  • Alienware M18X R1 specs: Intel Core i7 2920 processor clocked at 4 Ghz and dual NVIDIA 570 graphics cards with 2GB VRAM each (4GB total)
  • Alienware M18X R2 specs: Intel Core i7 3630 processor and dual NVIDIA 675M graphics cards with 4GB VRAM each (8GB total)
  • Alienware M18X R3 specs: Intel Core i7 4930 MX processor clocked at 4.3 Ghz with Turboboost and dual NVIDIA 780M graphics cards with 4GB VRAM each (8GB total)
Are refurbished Alienware M18x laptops available?

Yes, depending on what your needs are, you can find various versions of the M18X laptop on eBay. There are pre-owned or refurbished versions of the laptop, all at affordable prices. You can purchase a new one, too, if you prefer.

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