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A Guide to the Dell Inspiron N5010

In order to be productive at the office, in school, or at home, a good laptop is a necessity, and the reasonably priced Dell Inspiron N5010 is available on eBay. A 15-inch notebook with a well-rounded configuration, the N5010 is a lightweight laptop, and it has the performance and power to get the job done.

How do you set up wireless display on Inspiron N5010?

The wireless display lets you share your computer display on a larger TV screen without using physical cables. Your TV must have a wireless display adapter connected before you set up the display feature. The adapters are available separately on eBay.

If your N5010 supports the wireless display, the icon for wireless display will be on the desktop. Complete the following steps:

  • Ensure that the computer is powered on and wireless connectivity is enabled.
  • On the TV you wish to use, connect an adapter for the wireless display.Connect the wireless display adapter to the TV you wish to use. With the TV, pick out the video source option for your TV, such as HDMI1, HDMI1, and S-Video.
  • Click on the desktop icon for Wireless Display on your computer. The Wireless Display dialogue box will display. Select "Scan for available displays."
  • Find your wireless display adapter on the list of detected devices. A security code will appear on your TV screen and you'll enter that when prompted to do so.
  • Enable the wireless display feature by clicking the icon for Wireless Display on your computer. "Connect to Existing Adapter" is the option you'll select.
How do you connect Inspiron N5010 to the internet?

To connect to the internet, you'll need an external network connection or modem and service from an internet service provider (ISP). To establish a wired connection using a DSL or cable/satellite modem connection, contact your ISP for setup instructions. To connect to the internet wirelessly, click on the "Network Connections" icon and select from the available wireless networks.

What are the key features of Dell's Inspiron N5010?
  • Entertainment: Enjoy your favorite movies and shows with the DVD-RW optical drive with its 16:9 aspect HD screen to enhance your viewing experience.
  • Portable: The small design makes it easy to take your N5010 with you to work, on travels, home, and anywhere else.
  • Processing power: With quality Intel processor technology, you'll have the power to get your tasks done quickly and easily.
  • Smart upload: You can transfer files super fast using the 3-in-1 media card reader.
  • Storage: N5010 offers generous space and can handle high-capacity hard drives up to 500 GB, letting you store up to 60 hours of high-definition video, as many as 125,000 MP3 songs, and more.
  • Wireless connectivity: Stay connected with a standard 802.11g/n wireless card.
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