Dell Precision Batteries

Frequently Asked Questions About Dell Precision Laptop Batteries

Your Dell Precision laptop is a powerful device capable of large tasks including editing videos, editing photos, and running various programs simultaneously. Whether you're on vacation, traveling for business, or just checking messages while you're at a coffee shop, you need a reliable battery so you can work on the move.

How do you find the right Precision laptop battery?

First, you need the model number for your Dell Precision device. If you don’t know the model number, you can access it in several ways. The easiest way to find the number is via Dell’s website. Their system can detect the model number in a matter of seconds. Other ways to obtain the model number for Precision devices include:

  • Enter the seven-digit alphanumeric service tag found on the bottom of your Precision into Dell’s computer identifier system on the company’s website.
  • Open the computer’s Support Assist program to display the model number.
  • Type the word "system" in the Windows search bar.
  • Access the BIOS menu by pressing the F2 key once every second. The list will display the model number under System Name.
What are some tips for extending the Precision's battery life?

Laptops include many features to make it easy to work on the go. However, some advanced features can drain the Dell Precision laptop batteries. Make a habit of turning off the Wi-Fi when working off the grid. Also, include these actions in your routine to prolong the battery’s life.

  • Dim the screen: It takes a lot of power to display a brightly lit screen. Turning the levels down will help extend run time.
  • Remove the battery: If you do not need to charge or use the battery, remove it from the laptop.
  • Deactivate unused programs: This prevents the programs from drawing energy.
  • Reduce battery drain: Use the hibernation or shut-down mode to reduce battery drain.
What factors should you consider when shopping for a replacement?

Make sure your replacement is suitable for your device. Most manufacturers list compatible models, but you should still compare the specs. Always check the voltage to make sure it matches that of the replacement. Going over or under the recommended voltage could hinder performance. Also, check the following.

  • Manufacturer: Not all batteries for Dell computers are manufactured by the company. Look for a laptop battery labeled OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). This means it came from a source licensed to produce Dell products, so you can be sure the Dell laptop battery is suitable for your Precision device.
  • Grade: A letter grade indicates the type of charge you can expect from the battery. The highest grade a cell can receive is an A.
  • Capacity: Batteries are rated mAh (milliampere hours) or WH (watt-hours), which refers to the amount of time the laptop battery can perform on a single charge. A higher number indicates an extended capacity. You should also pay attention to the number of cells or individual batteries. Depending on your Precision series laptop model, it may hold six, nine, or 12 cells.
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