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Dell Workstation Laptop Buying Guide

Consumers and businesses can both take high-powered computing with them when they have to be away from their home or office with Dell's selection of workstation laptops. There are a variety of Dell laptop workstations spread across three main series of precision laptops. On eBay, users have access to a large selection of affordable Dell mobile workstations from which to choose, including new, used, and refurbished Dell precision laptops.

What types of Dell precision workstation laptops are available?

There are three types of Dell workstation laptops to choose from: the 3000 Series, the 5000 Series, and the 7000 Series.

  • 3000 Series - This line includes both the Precision 3520 and Precision 3530. These mobile workstations both have a 15-inch screen and are designed to give users high computing power at an affordable price.
  • 5000 Series - This line has all of the features of the 3000 Series plus a lightweight design and thin screen. The Precision 5530 2-in-1 is an advanced model in this product line, allowing users to edit and design projects using the high-powered graphics.
  • 7000 Series - There are both 15- and 17-inch options available in this line. This laptop is customizable for professionals and is regarded to be a very powerful Dell laptop. This is an especially suitable product for architects, engineers, and anyone who needs to use a computer for design.
What specifications should you consider when buying a Dell laptop?

Key product specifications that users should pay attention to include:

  • Memory - You do not want a computer that runs out of RAM. Dell workstation laptops have RAM ranging from 8GB to 32GB.
  • Portability - A good computer is one that combines power with lightweight features. The less weight you have to lug around when you're on the go, the better.
  • Processing Speed - The processing speed depends on the type of processor used in the system. Dell Precision mobile workstations use Intel i5 or i7 processors.
How should you decide on a Dell workstation laptop?

The Precision series of Dell mobile workstations is well-suited for those who work in design and those who carry out general business-related functions. When looking for Dell Precision workstation laptops, users need to determine how much computing power they need for what they want out of their laptops. Dell also sells full lines of workstation laptops for users who are only interested in web browsing, playing games, or checking out social media sites.

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