Boost Audio with Amplifiers

Listening to favourite tunes in the privacy of your home helps you unwind. Denon makes hi-fi, stereo home power amplifiers to improve your entertainment experience. Offering several types of amplifiers, the company also manufactures receivers, speakers, and other components compatible with their power amplifiers.

What Technologies Are Incorporated in the Amplifiers?

  • Advanced AL32 Processing: The company developed an algorithm that reduces noise in digital audio sounds. When playing audio through the amplifier, the technology removes low-range noises so the playback sounds as smooth as the original.
  • Qualcomm DDFA Technology: Incorporated into the design for high-end Class D amps, the technology balances audio quality by removing hissing and other audible sounds. Compared to other amps, distortion does not increase as volume swells.
  • CSR aptX Low Latency: This technology is included on power amplifiers with CD players. When playing audio from a video source, time synchronization is optimized for lip syncing.

What Types of Power Amplifiers Are Available?

  • Integrated: The company makes integrated amplifiers that are sleek in appearance and have analog, digital, and Bluetooth connections. The amp can be positioned vertically or horizontally to accommodate different living spaces. Model PMA-60 has two channels offering 50 watts and 4 ohms of output power per channel. You can stream audio from portable devices and use the USB-B input to connect a Mac or PC.
  • Compact: Along with features similar to the integrated amp, these small power amplifiers have two optical and one coaxial digital inputs. The remote control has a cursor keypad, dimmer button, and volume controls.
  • Wireless: Designed for multi-room use, HEOS amps have outputs for subwoofers, digital inputs to connect a CD player, and Ethernet ports for LAN connections. Use the HEOS app to listen to Internet radio stations or stream music. Moreover, you can install speakers in each room and play different music or the same song.

What Headphones Are Compatible With the Amplifiers?

Denon added Double Air Compressed Driver technology to their wired and wireless in-ear headphones. Bass tones are more powerful and there's less distortion. You can purchase over-ear headphones that have memory foam earpads made for extended use. Both an adapter and cable are available to fit portable devices or your hi-fi system. Additionally, wireless noise-cancelling headphones reduce ambient noise. Use them when travelling and store them in the carrying case that's provided.

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