Digital Tv Converter Box

Bring New Life to Your TV with a Digital TV Converter Box

Television broadcasting around the world is switching over to the digital television. If you are one of the many who still use an analog television set, chances are you will be left with a blank screen once TV stations turn off their analog broadcasting systems. To ensure that your current television set continues to serve its purpose, a reasonably priced digital TV converter box is a must, and there are many to choose from on eBay.

How do digital TV converter boxes work?

These converter boxes aim to keep your old televsion sets working despite the digital TV switch. In order to keep these televisions useful, the device works as a converter. The converter box processes digital signals transmitted by television stations and turns them into analog signals so that old TV sets without the capability to receive digital signals can keep working. When this converter box for TV is used by cable companies, it enables them to deliver special content like pay-per-view among other things.

Are digital TV converter boxes all the same?

No. While there are converter boxes that simply offer the ability to decode digital TV broadcasts and allow its output to display on your analog TV set, there are those that offer other features. One of the main features of these converter boxes is the ability to record television programs. Some of these devices can be programmed to record your favorite TV show at a certain time. These videos can either be stored in an SD card, a USB drive, or an external hard drive connected to your digital TV converter box.

How can you purchase a digital TV converter box?

eBay offers a lot of these reasonably priced converter boxes each with its own set of features and a price range that fits your budget. The following are some digital converter boxes for TV listed on the website:

  • HDTV DTV Digital Converter Box USB Media Player Recording PVR HDMI TV Tuner - A device that comes with TV recording function and saves recorded videos on a USB flash drive or external hard drive
  • 1080P Digital ATSC TV Tuner HDMI Set Top Box Analog Converter Receiver Decoder - A state-of-the-art digital TV tuner for ATSC terrestrial Over The Air (OTA) reception that comes with PVR function and capability to be used as a set top box for your cable provider
  • iView 3100STB HDTV DTV Digital Converter Box with Media Player Recording PVR - A converter box that features an Electronic Program Guide, parental control, and playback for videos, music, and pictures