Complete Industrial Jobs Efficiently With a Horizonal Directional Drill

Horizontal directional drills are designed for industrial jobs that involve underground drilling. By using one of these gadgets, you can break through loose or rough soil horizontally. These drills have special hardware that makes underground paths for various purposes; you can find new and pre-owned ones for a great price on eBay.

What are the functions for a horizontal directional drill?

Horizontal drills are made for installation jobs as they can power through soil without creating a trench. The bit spins rapidly using a powerful engine in order to break soil on various landscapes. You can operate a horizontal directional drill to install the following:

  • Underground cables
  • Underground conduits
  • Underground pipes
What technologies power directional drills?

All horizontal directional drills have a drill bit that rotates. The angle of the drill piece is managed by software, and users can make changes with ease without worrying about accuracy. Directional drill technology is helpful and practical because it boosts efficiency and lowers operational costs.

Since directional drills were developed in the 1920s, the main technology that impacts speed has been enhanced. However, the basic functions haven't changed, so all directional drills have the ability to dig at various angles. The angled design is important because it helps industrial crews access precise underground spots in order to implement procedures on oil and gas reserve sites. Thanks to the unique design specs, users can drill a number of wells with one well bore, which is very beneficial as less drilling and fewer wells help the environment. eBay has directional drills that include this technology.

What are the basic design specs for common HDD drills?

Because horizontal drills are made for deep underground drilling jobs, a general bit can reach a depth of around 80 feet. In order to plow underground properly without any resistance, a drill must have efficient torque, which is why many drills are manufactured with hardware that produces up to 60,000 pound-feet of torque.

What are the colour schemes for HDD directional drills?

The design features for various directional drills vary; however, all equipment has a colour scheme that stands out in dark and dim environments. Most units will have a bright orange coat of paint or a bright yellow design. You'll find dozens of horizontal directional drills that have orange or yellow paint with designer logos and stickers on eBay.