Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaners

Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners are power cleaning household appliances that remove dirt, dust, and debris from floors, upholstery, curtains, and other surfaces. The surface being cleaned helps determine whether you use a handheld, upright, or other type of Dirt Devil vacuum. There is a Dirt Devil meant to be suitable for a wide variety of different areas.

What types of vacuum cleaners does Dirt Devil offer?

The following types of vacuum cleaners are available from Dirt Devil:

  • Handheld Vacuum: The Dirt Devil handheld model of vacuum is held in one hand and is meant for use in cleaning small, tight, and hard-to-reach places.
  • Upright Vacuum: This model of vacuum from Dirt Devil is designed to clean large areas, including bare floors and carpeting. This type of vacuum often has accessories meant to increase the scope of places it can clean in addition to its cleaning power.
  • Stick Vacuum: The stick model of vacuum from Dirt Devil is a long, slender stick suitable for storing in closets and other small spaces. It cleans small areas such as area rugs. Its slim construction helps in cleaning tight, narrow areas.
  • Canister Vacuum: This vacuum is a cross between the upright and the stick. It consists of a canister attached to a long wand. Its powerful slender design is meant for cleaning carpets and bare floors. This vacuum from Dirt Devil offers multiple functions with extra parts and accessories.
What is the difference between bagged and bagless vacuums?

The bagless model of vacuum, as the name indicates, does not have a bag. Instead, the dirt is trapped in this type of vacuum in a canister, which is usually See-through so that you can know to empty it when you See it is full. The bagless vacuum is considered to be more environmentally friendly because you do not have bags to dispose of.

The bagged model of vacuum traps dirt in a bag that is replaced with another bag when it is full. The bag traps a lot of dirt and pollen from your carpets. It prevents exposure to the trapped dirt, which makes it suitable for use by family members with asthma and other allergens.

Do Dirt Devils vacuums use a filter?

Exhaust filters are used by Dirt Devil bagless models of vacuum and are meant to capture tiny dirt particles. After vacuuming, the filter can be removed and cleaned by tapping the dirt away, rinsing the filter with warm water, and then drying the filter thoroughly.

What are some uses for a hand vac?

A hand vac is designed for use in the following ways/areas:

  • Cleaning stairs, blinds, and baseboards
  • Cleaning under cabinets and in the corners of a room
  • Cleaning car floors, between car seats, and car vents
  • Cleaning under couches and between couch cushions
  • Cleaning cobwebs from ceilings and ceiling fans
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