Doctor Who Collectibles

Dr. Who Collectibles

Television series can capture the focus and imagination of viewers of all ages. They must be engaging and fun and possibly offer lessons to learn. The BBC drama Doctor Who has aired for multiple generations, with that longevity captured in the show collectibles.

How long has the show been on the air?

The first episode of Doctor Who aired in England in November 1963. The show went through two distinct iterations since then. The first set of the series began in 1963 and remained on the air through 1989. It ended after 26 seasons until the BBC revived the show in 2005.

What types of items exist for this extended franchise?

With such a long run on television, there is an awful lot of story and context within this universe of time travel. Collectibles capture the scope and breadth of just that. There are Doctor Who books, box sets, dolls, action figures, T-shirts and other apparel, and signs. Other Doctor Who collectibles include cookie jars, watches, alarm clocks, jewellery boxes, and board games.

Which characters are represented in these collections?

In this TV series, the Doctor is constantly reborn while the villains remain largely the same. Normally, television series follow the exploits of one or a group of heroes, with the surrounding pieces changing as the show goes on. This franchise is almost the opposite, with a new lead and travelling companion every few seasons of the show.

That means there is a collection for each version of the Doctor and their companion, played by different actors and actresses each time. The program has already surpassed a dozen different protagonists and counting. Before the reboot in 2005, there were already eight different actors who had played the part.

As for the familiar pieces, all the enemies, tools, and side characters live in the memorabilia. The TARDIS, the spaceship that is bigger on the inside than on the outside, is one of the familiar "characters" for fans, as is the sonic screwdriver, a necessary tool with which the hero always travels.

On the villain side of things, the Daleks are arguably the most universally recognized beings from the series. They are the most fearsome enemies in the universe of the show, but they are not alone. Pieces also represent the Cybermen, the weeping angels, and The Master. With the villains continually attacking each new version of the Doctor, they gain their own gaggle of fans that has indeed spanned the revival.

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