Dog Toys

A happy dog is a healthy dog, and nothing makes a dog more content than a treat and playtime. Dogs often particularly love playing with their owners. You can improve the time you spend with your pet by providing him or her with a fun and interactive dog toy.

What dog toy should you buy?

What toy you should purchase depends on your and your dog's preferences. Toys range from plastic balls and rubber animals all the way to nylon ropes, which are perfect for playing tug and fetch or chewing on.

Regardless of what your final choice will be, make sure the dog toy is safe for your pet. Dogs love to chew, so pick a toy that is sturdy and will be able to withstand frequent use. Also, choose a dog toy according to your pet's size. Small toys, like a ball, can pose a choking hazard to larger breeds.

What toys do dogs like?

What kind of dog toy your pet prefers depends on things like temperament, age, and personality. You might also want to consider whether there are any goals you'd like to accomplish with your dog. Are you trying to get your dog to exercise more? A ball, Frisbee, or other throwing toys are perfect for playing fetch with your pet. Maybe you have a new puppy and want to bond? Dog toys that allow you to play tug-o-war might be a better choice. Another reason you are looking for a new toy could be that you want to help improve your dog's dental health. In that case, check out chewing toys. Other fun options are puzzles that hide treats. These interactive toys are perfect for your dog's intellectual stimulation.

As with humans, dogs can get bored. It is a good idea to offer your pooch a wide variety of dog toys that can keep him or her occupied.

What is the best way to clean dog toys?

How to clean a dog toy depends on the material it is made from.

  • Soft dog toys like ropes and stuffed animals are usually safe to toss into the washing machine. Since dogs love to chew their toys, make sure to use a natural laundry detergent, or sprinkle with baking soda and add white vinegar during the rinse cycle. The toy will come out fresh, and you and your dog can go back to enjoying playtime. Be aware that dog toys containing a squeaker might not be able to take a spin in the washer.
  • Toys made of nylon or rubber, like a ball or rope, are best cleaned by hand with soap and water. As an alternative, these kinds of toys can also be placed in the dishwasher. Use a hot cycle and no detergent. The heat and water pressure of the dishwasher will kill germs and remove any dirt.

When unsure how to clean your pet's toy, refer to the care label or instructions from the original packaging.