Doll Clothes and Accessories

New doll clothes and accessories add fun and excitement to play time for girls. Many specialized brands of dolls offer unique accessories that complement and enhance play. Vintage clothes and accessories offer an interesting look at history for children as well as collectors.

What different types of doll clothes are there?

There is a wide variety of outfits available. Before purchasing anything, the first step is to determine the type, brand, and size of the doll for which you will be purchasing clothes. Measuring the height of the doll is a good starting point for sizing; many doll brands offer clothes that are made to fit their products.

Once you have the information, you can consider these varieties of doll clothes:

  • Antique to Vintage: These outfits are often sought after by collectors for period models, such as Madame Alexander, and ones constructed of china or wax. Typically, these items are older, with antique pieces made prior to the 1920s and vintage pieces made from the 1920s to the early 1980s.
  • Recent: For those seeking outfits and accessories for models manufactured since 1980, current items offer a glimpse at past cultural trends while still offering the fun of playtime for dressing up dolls.
What brands make outfits and accessories?

There are a number of toy manufacturers that also have lines of outfits and accessories. Some of the major ones include:

  • American Girl: This well-loved line that includes named toys based in different times in history is a favourite among children and collectors. Each one has her own short novel set at different points in American history; the story features as the main character the girl that the doll is fashioned to be. American Girl offers outfits, shoes, furniture, and even child-sized clothing that matches their doll clothing.
  • Barbie: An American icon, Barbie's accessories and outfits are manufactured by Mattel. Some accessories include the Dream House, the Dream Camper, and the pink VW Bug.
  • Cabbage Patch: A hit from the 1980s, these must-have toys of their time also offered outfits and accessories such as tea sets.
What kinds of accessories can you buy?

There are numerous types of doll accessories available. Many match the age or life-stage of the toy, such as a baby doll versus one designed to be an older age. Common accessories include the following:

  • For baby dolls: These are designed to look like infants and accessories include diapers, strollers, high chairs, bottles, and other infant care items.
  • For fashion dolls: These types, such as Barbies, are designed to look like adults and feature fashionable apparel and accessories for play such as houses and cars.
  • For little girl dolls: These models, such as American Girl, are designed to look like young girls, so you can find age-appropriate apparel, furniture, and activity gear.