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Dollhouse Miniatures

How Should You Care for Delicate Dollhouse Miniatures?

In their fragile state, it is easy for dollhouse miniatures to break, disappear, or collect dust. To avoid mishaps, do not let children play with delicate miniatures, and keep them out of high-traffic areas. Collecting plastic miniatures is a good idea if children insist on playing with the dollhouse pieces. If you have expensive or special dollhouse miniatures, then store them in small, clear plastic boxes to keep them safe. Clean dollhouse miniatures regularly, and repair them as soon as possible to prevent further damage.€

What Are Some Tips for Repairing Dollhouse Miniatures?

When part of a dollhouse miniature breaks or comes loose, there are ways to repair it. If a wooden miniature breaks, then use a drop or two of wood glue, and hold the damaged pieces together until it dries. If fabric on a miniature rips, use a needle and thread to give it one or two under-stitches, keeping the stitches small and close together to make them less visible. Using soft wax to hold small, broken pieces together until you can fix them is a good way to prevent further damage.

How Should You Clean Your Dollhouse Miniatures?

Dollhouse miniatures are typically made with great attention to detail, so it is important that you clean them carefully and gently so those details shine through. Dusting once a week can keep the miniatures looking fresh, and you can use a damp cloth to wipe away visible filth. Avoid using spray cleaners, as they might stain fabric. For cleaning hard-to-reach spots or small crevices and crannies, use a compressed air canister, and gently blow air into the tight area. Clean makeup brushes and camera lens cloths are also great for taking care of delicate pieces.