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Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson is a British electronics brand that was established in 1987. The company produces a large selection of different vacuum appliances, and there are a variety of different colours and models available. Find an appliance that suits your purposes by checking out this huge collection.

What are some unique attributes of Dyson vacuum cleaners?

Due to his dissatisfaction with the vacuum models that were available, the founder of this company designed a new model that creates suction with cyclone physics. Dyson vacuums do not lose suction as they fill up with material, and they feature a central ball that creates a cyclone inside the appliance. Cleaning appliances made by this brand do not have bags, and detritus is instead caught in a clear container. While most appliances of this type are only available in a single colour scheme, vacuums made by this company can be purchased in a variety of bright colours.

What types of vacuum cleaners are offered by this brand?

This brand makes a variety of different upright, bagless vacuum cleaning appliances. Some of the models produced include:

  • Animal 2: This is the most powerful cleaning appliance made by Dyson. This appliance is designed for households that have one or more pets, and the cleaner head of this appliance is self-adjusting. It has a wand and hose for cleaning in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Cyclone 10: The Cyclone 10 is a handheld vacuum. This appliance is lightweight, and it runs off of an internal battery instead of an AC cord.
  • Multifloor 2: The Multifloor 2 is designed to be more lightweight than the Animal 2. It comes with a variety of different cleaning attachments.
  • Cinetic Big Ball: Like other vacuums from this brand, the Cinetic Big Ball is bagless. This model does not have a filter, and it is the largest cleaning appliance made by this brand, offering the most suction.
  • Small Ball: The Small Ball model is designed for smaller spaces like apartments. It is the most lightweight full-size model made by this brand. Its handle retracts for storage.
How do you empty these vacuum cleaners?

As soon as the clear bin in your cleaning appliance reaches the MAX level, it is time to empty your vacuum. Follow these steps to remove the dust and dirt from your appliance:

  • Push the release button on the side of the appliance's carrying handle.
  • Remove the clear bin from the vacuum, and position the bin over a trash can.
  • Press the release button on the bin to open the bottom hatch. The dust and dirt will then fall into the trash can.
  • Shut the bottom hatch, and insert the clear bin back into your cleaning appliance. Press the bin until you hear an audible click.
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