EBC Motorcycle Brake Pads

Brakes are some of the most important aspects of any vehicle. There are many parts in a motorcycle braking system, and one of them is the brake pads. EBC Brakes specializes in the manufacturing of performance brake pads and rotors, and the company provides a number of different types and styles of brake pads.

How do brake pads work when stopping a motorcycle?

When the front and rear brake levers are pulled, this causes brake fluid to flow out of the vehicles braking cylinder, through the brake lines, and into the brake calipers. The calipers are then forced into the brake pads, which squeeze the rotors. The force with which the brake lever is pulled is proportional to stopping distance and how hard the brake pads squeeze the rotors of the bike. The velocity of the motorcycle is converted into heat, which means that brakes must be able to withstand incredibly hot temperatures, sometimes up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

What different types of brake pads are offered?

EBC offers a number of different types of pads, and each one is composed of different materials and designed for a specific riding style.

  • Sintered pads: Sintered brake pads are manufactured by fusing metal particles together using extreme heat. These pads provide impressive stopping power in both wet and dry conditions. However, be sure that your motorcycle is designed for sintered brake pads as they can otherwise significantly wear down the rotors.
  • Organic pads: These pads are composed of metallic, nonmetallic, and non-asbestos materials. All of these particles are bound together using a strong polymer resin. These brake pads are soft in composition, and they cause little wear to the rotors.
  • Semi-sintered pads: These pads are composed of 30% copper and 70% organic material, making them a nice hybrid of their other brake systems. These products are long-lasting while also minimizing the damage to the brake rotors.
  • Carbon pads: Carbon brake pads generate heat at a slow rate and have a low heat transfer to the rotors.
What racing brake pads are offered?

There are a few different brake models that are designed for racing use, including their Extreme Pro and GPFAX Sintered Race brake pads. These pads are composed of materials and are designed to be ultra-high friction and stabilizing, allowing for fast and steady stopping. GPFAX pads are designed specifically for track asphalt use and should not be used for street bikes.

What are some considerations when purchasing replacement brake pads?

The brake pads are designed for different vehicles and brake systems. Be sure that you know what rotors your bike utilizes to minimize unnecessary wear on them. Your riding style should also be considered when purchasing replacement brakes. Harder pads are made for high speeds and heavy use whereas softer models are designed for street use.

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