Ear/Nose/Eyebrow Clippers and Trimmers

Part of maintaining good hygiene is making sure your ear, nose, and eyebrows are well kempt. While you can use just about any regular nose hair trimmer for your grooming, it helps to go with a trimmer that is easy, convenient, and safe to use. In addition, it might make sense to go with a model that can be used as an ear-hair trimmer and as a tool to help maintain your eyebrows.

What should you look for in a nose-hair trimmer?

There are several things that you want to look for when buying a trimmer. First, you should look for stainless steel blades because they dont nick easily. Dual-edge blades work well because they trim the hair quickly and effectively without creating unnecessary friction. Next, you may want to opt for rotary trimmers to make it easy to use. Most battery- or motor-powered trimmers come with a rotary option that will allow you to trim your nose hair without struggling to find the right angle.

Finally, look for a nose-hair trimmer with cutting edges that are easy to clean and replace. The whole point of getting a nose trimmer is to make the grooming process easier. Many trimmers are designed to help you quickly trim what you need and clean everything without making a mess.

What should you look for in an ear-hair trimmer?

Some people have more sensitive ears than others. If you think you have sensitive ears, you might think about getting a product that's either quiet or silent. For example, there are many manually operated trimming products that spin the blades via a knob that you control.

Electric trimmers are a good choice for trimming facial hair, including the brows. An automated motor that runs the blade lets you focus on getting quick and precise trims.

What other details are important when choosing a hair trimmer?

Some things to consider are:

  • How the trimmer is powered. If you plan on taking your trimmer with you while you're travelling, you may want to go with one that is powered by batteries. If you choose a rechargeable trimmer, you'll need to carry a charging dock around with you, but you wont have to replace the batteries
  • Whether it has a vacuum function or not. A vacuum function may be something you want as it will gently suck all the nostril and ear hair out as you trim.