There are few things more relaxing and refreshing than a good massage. Let's face it, its expensive and time consuming to head to the spa every weekend, so why not bring the spa home? Electric massage chairs take the place of a person and provide the same relief as a hands-on massage, but without the high price tag. The hardest part of buying a massage chair is choosing which one to purchase, because there are so many amazing features, it can be hard to pick. It's best to compare the features of each chair and what they offer for your specific needs.

Back to Basics 

Most people seeking a massage chair are looking for relief from tight back and shoulder muscles. This means the chair should have rollers that rub and massage the back. If youre looking for a chair that focuses on back pain, these are more affordable than full body massagers. They apply pressure at certain points on your back to loosen up knots and relieve aches and pains. There are many styles and brands available, including microfiber chairs or leather designs, and popular brands include Panasonic, Brookstone, and HoMedics. 

The Heat is On 

For a real treat, a heated massage chair is truly indulgent. If you use a heating pad on your back sometimes, or your neck, you understand how heat can ease muscle pains. Imagine an entire chair that feels as good as your heating pad does! Sink into a soft massage chair and turn on the heat to beat muscle pain. Rollers in the chair work to release muscle strain and stress while you enjoy heat settings you can control. Adjust the intensity of your massage along with the heat to customize your experience. 

Work That Body 

A full body massage not only ensures less back pain, but helps reduce leg, arm, and even foot pain. Created with pockets for your legs and feet, a Shiatsu massage chair gives you a professional quality massage in your own home. Sink into a reclining, full body massage chair for a deluxe experience that may even rival your favourite spa. Heated massage chairs offer a zero gravity design so you feel like youre floating, and the ergonomic chair is meant to be comfortable. Use the remote control to personalize your massage. Some chairs even come with built-in music! The only downside of owning a massage chair is that you may not want to share it with the rest of your family.