Energizer Lithium-Based Single Use Batteries

Choosing Lithium Batteries

The CR2025 is a compact, coin-shaped lithium battery. These batteries are used in a range of small pieces of electronic equipment like heart-rate monitors, key fob remotes, watches, and miniature flashlights

What is a CR2025 Battery?

  • Like other coin batteries, the name of the CR2025 battery refers to its size. The first two digits are its width in millimeters and the second two are its thickness in tenths of millimeters. A battery of this type is 20 millimeters across and 2.5 millimeters thick, slightly thinner than a CR2032 but thicker than a CR2016 cell. See the manufacturer site for size details.
  • These batteries provide three volts of electrical potential. This is around twice as much as an alkaline AA battery and the same as a lithium AA. This means that they can be used to drive electronic devices that require more power.
  • The battery capacity of a CR2025 battery varies from one manufacturer to another, but they can typically pack in a lot of energy. Three volt Energizer CR2025 batteries have a capacity of around 163 mAh.

What Are the Advantages of Lithium Batteries?

  • Lithium batteries can provide a lot of energy at once, so they are very good for high-drain devices. They can provide a lot more power than a standard AA.
  • They also last a very long time because they self-discharge very slowly. This makes them a very good choice for devices that drain little power but have to be left on for a long time, like keyless entry systems and smoke alarms.
  • They pack a lot of energy into a small space. One with a given voltage and capacity will weigh a lot less than many equivalents. This makes them great for portable electronics and explains why so many coin cell battery types are lithium.

How Should I Use and Store CR2025 Coin Cells?

  • Button batteries like the CR2025 are non-rechargeable but last a long time. If you are going to get through a lot of them, it makes sense to choose a pack. Energizer makes packs in a lot of different sizes so you can get as many as you need.
  • Lithium-metal batteries arent strongly affected by low temperature, which makes storage easier. However, high temperatures can be a fire risk. They should also be handled carefully as physical damage to the components can cause internal short circuiting, which leads to overheating.
  • Almost all lithium-metal cells are single-use as recharging them can be a serious fire hazard. Once your lithium-metal coin cell battery has fully discharged, dispose of it safely and do not attempt to recharge it.

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