Engine Computers for Ford Escape

Do these parts fit your vehicle? Find out now.

Ford Escape Engine Computers

Ford Escape engine computers are small computers located under the hood that monitor and manage a number of processes and sensors. From getting the highest MPG fuel economy to ensuring that EcoBoost and brakes properly function, the computer is essential for your Ford Escape. There are many on the market that can be installed in your Ford SUV.

How do you find the Ford computer model number?

There are many car computers available on the market for your Escape, as there are many Escape models each with their own specifications (from 2.5-liter engines to 3.0-liter engines, and from 133 horsepower to 171 horsepower). The first thing you must do is find the model number for your specific Ford vehicle. This will tell you which computers can be installed in your car.

You can find the computer by opening the hood. It should be located in the back and have three thick cables attached to it and one bolt on each side. Check the sticker to find the model number. If there is no sticker, then remove the computer and check the model number on the device itself. It should be embossed on the top of the unit.

Most Ford computers have the number "12a650" in the middle. You cannot use an incompatible model as it will not fit, nor will it properly read information from your car. Even within the same release year, there are often model variations, so be sure to find your cars specific model.

Do you need spare input and output ports?

You will find that some Escape computers offer extra input and output ports for your vehicle. Input ports control and monitor aspects like engine temperature and crank position while output ports control ignition coils and lights.

Spare ports are not necessary for your Escape as long as you have enough for all of your vehicles basic functions. If you plan on adding new parts to your car or want more control, then these spare ports can be very helpful.

How do you know when to get a car computer?

There are a few signs that the current computer is faulty and that the driver needs to replace it. Minor signs include improper dashboard lights and sensor readings. For example, if the check engine light stays on, but there is nothing wrong with the motor or other parts, then the existing computer may be at fault.

Drastic signs include the car refusing to turn on. Usually, this is due to a faulty starter, engine, or battery. If everything else is in working condition, then the computer may be at fault. Other signs include jerkiness while driving, the car improperly shifting gears, and unexplained drops in power or fuel when nothing else is at fault.