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Ensure Quality and Performance With Environmental Test Chambers

When you’re developing a new product, adequately testing it can mean the difference between a smooth rollout and a disastrous recall. Owning an environmental test chamber is a cost-effective way to have immediate access to data and results, and eBay offers new and preowned chambers for a variety of medical and scientific applications. If you can find a used test chamber with the specifications you need, it will offer an even higher return on investment.

How big should your environmental test chamber be?

Industrial test chambers range in size from small countertop units to drive-in units for cars. As a general rule, what you’re putting in the chamber should take up about one-third of the space. This leaves two-thirds of the space free for air circulation.

What to look for in a high-quality temperature chamber

If you need temperatures down to minus 34.6 Fahrenheit, you’ll need a chamber with a single-stage compressor. For cooling down to minus 99.4 Fahrenheit, you’ll need a cascade system. An affordable temperature chamber may be either air-cooled or water-cooled, but keep in mind that if you choose water cooling, you’ll have to provide a dedicated water line to the machine. The larger the chamber, the longer it will take to cycle between the lowest and highest temperatures, so there’s nothing to gain by using a larger chamber than you need for your tests.

Look for a temperature chamber that’s sealed and self-contained. This style has lower maintenance requirements and is often easier to operate. If you plan to test several objects at once, see if you can find a used temperature chamber with adjustable shelves. They’ll create more efficient air flow around the test objects.

What should you look for in an efficient humidity chamber?

Humidity in most chambers is generated by steam. The chambers require demineralized water, but they’re still subject to corrosion. If you buy a used humidity chamber, inspect it carefully to be sure the internal parts are in good shape. If you will need to know the relative humidity in your chamber, make sure to find a model with a sensor for that measure. A new humidity chamber will likely include the sensor, but used models may not.

Check for operational safety features

Make sure the environmental chamber you’re considering has the appropriate safety features in place and functioning. These may include the following:

  • Mechanical high-temperature fail-safe or heat fuse.
  • Digital high-temperature fail-safe.
  • Safety indicators for high and low temperatures.