Ethernet Cables (RJ-45/8P8C)

Enjoy a Fast, Secure Connection With an Internet Cable

Internet cables have been around far longer than Wi-Fi and continue to fill an important role in the connectivity of computer networks and systems. An internet cord runs from a modem or router to a port in the computer and another runs between the modem and the router if the two are separate units. With eBays assortment of inexpensive internet cables, you are sure to find the durability and length you need to fill out your network needs.

What is an internet cable cord?

An internet cable, also known as an Ethernet cord, is a technology in the LAN field or Local Area Network. It has the capability of the connection of multiple systems. Ethernet cables provide connectionless communication. Resembling a larger phone cord, an internet cord has eight wires versus the four of a phone cord. It also has a larger plug.

What are the advantages of using an internet cord?
  • Speed: While Wi-Fi connections can be pretty fast, at a maximum of 866.7 Mb/s, wired internet cable connections with the Cat6 type of cable can give speeds up to 10 Gb/s.
  • Lack of interference: Wireless connections can be disrupted by everything from other wireless devices to microwave ovens. Wired connections are particularly reliable, and you are highly unlikely to experience issues with interference.
  • Security: With a wired connection, a hacker can only connect into the network with the physical plugging of a device into your router. Wireless connections lack that security.
  • Simplicity: Internet cables are as easy to use as plugging one end into a router and the other end into a computer. It is conceptually and practically simple.
  • Latency: Latency, which is the delay in the time it takes for traffic to arrive from a device to its eventual destination, is much less of an issue with a wired connection. This is particularly useful in online games that require good reflexes and swift reactions.
What types of cable for internet are there?

When looking at these cords and the array of internet cable prices, the factors are whether the cable is Category 5 or Category 6 (known as Cat5 and Cat6 respectively in most eBay selections). Another factor is the length of the cable.

Internet cable wire comes in two general forms: stranded and solid. Solid cables provide improved protection and moderately better performance. Stranded are more durable and less likely to experience physical breaks and cracks. While crossover cables exist to connect two computers, most cables are between routers and computers, internet cable TV to a router, or a router to a game system. You can find where to buy internet cable of various lengths and types on eBay. Lengths run from just a few feet to internet cable that is 100 feet in length.