What You Need to Know About Exhaust Pipe Expanders

Performing repairs on your exhaust system require the right types of tools and parts. New exhaust pipes can have issues fitting with your existing exhaust system, and tailpipe expanders can help make the process simpler. Many tailpipe expanders available on eBay can help bend tubes in addition to expanding the metal.

What is an exhaust pipe expander?

A tailpipe expander is a tool that fits inside your exhaust pipe. Once used, it will expand the diameter of the pipe to allow it to fit with your existing exhaust system parts. Some expanders will also flare the end of the pipe to allow it to fit easily inside the next pipe.

How do you select an exhaust pipe expander?
  • Select a size: An expander will be listed with a range of pipe sizes that its compatible with. You can measure the diameter of your existing exhaust system to find a compatible size.
  • Choose a brand: Some brands will be compatible with specific brands of vehicles or engine sizes.
  • Choose features: Some tailpipe expanders will have additional features available such as dent removers, flaring, and others. Others feature collets that allow you to expand the range of sizes that the pipes can work with.
  • Select a type: You can choose between mechanical tail pipe expanders and hydraulic options as well. These are the two main types, and other options fall under the two.
  • Consider material: Different metals offer different strength and malleability properties. Because of this, the material of exhaust pipe that youre likely to work with can change the specific kind of expander you may want.
What types of exhaust pipe expanders are available?
  • Mechanical: These models work with an impact wrench to expand the tool. As the wrench turns the nut, the diameter of the tool will expand to stretch the pipe.
  • Hydraulic: Hydraulic options use a hand pump and a hydraulic ram to expand the pipes. These will have a hose to connect the ram to the pump to build pressure and expand the collet. This, in turn, will expand the diameter of the pipe.