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Ford Mustang Exhaust Pipes and Tips

The exhaust pipes and exhaust tips on the Ford Mustang are parts of the vehicles overall mechanical system. They are important in keeping the driver and passenger safe from toxins found in the exhaust. Keeping these parts in good working order is an important part of the Ford maintenance plan.

What are the components of the Ford Mustang exhaust system?

The components of the Mustang exhaust system work to carry the exhaust heat and gases from the engine away from the car.

  • Exhaust manifold: The manifold or headers move the gases from the engines cylinders into the exhaust pipe.
  • Mid-pipes: These carry the exhaust from the manifold to the catalytic converter.
  • Catalytic converter: The converter removes many of the pollutants from the Mustangs exhaust prior to expulsion into the open air.
  • Muffler: Most mufflers are designed to keep the Mustang running as quietly as possible. Other mufflers can be customized for different purposes.
  • Exhaust pipe: The exhaust pipes are usually stainless steel and carry the exhaust from the Ford into the open air.
  • Exhaust tips: The exhaust tips may be added to the Ford Mustang to further lower the noise level. The tips may also be added to increase or change the noise, or the exhaust tips can be added for a decorative touch.
What do exhaust tips do on the Ford Mustang?

The exhaust tips are usually made from stainless steel. The tips provide the final mechanism for removing hot fumes from the Ford Mustang. The tips can work to reduce the amount of noise coming from the exhaust system. For the Ford equipped with performance kits, the exhaust tips can change the tone of the noise coming from the exhaust system.

What are problem signs for exhaust pipes and tips?

The Mustang exhaust components must have regular service and inspection to keep them in good working order. Following the manufacturers recommendations is generally sufficient for performance and safety. Normal wear and tear on the system will occur over time. If any of the following symptoms start happening, it is time to take a closer look.

  • Loud clicking or knocking
  • Smelling exhaust in the cars cockpit
  • Strange noises coming from the engine
  • Muffler sounds change, such as getting louder
  • Warning light comes on steadily or intermittently
How do you replace Ford Mustang exhaust pipes and tips?

The stainless-steel exhaust pipe and tip play an important role in the operation of the Mustang. The steps that are usually involved in replacing the pipe and tips for the Ford Mustang are as follows:

  • Park the car on a flat surface and turn it off.
  • Raise the rear of the car using the hand or hydraulic jack.
  • Remove the part of pipe that needs to be replaced. This may require spraying the screws with rust penetrator to get them to loosen.
  • Clean the area to be reattached.
  • Raise one end of the replacement pipe or tip to the same height as the other end you are preparing to join.
  • Secure the exhaust tip using exhaust clamps.