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Toyota Corolla Exhaust Systems

The Toyota Corolla is a widely sold compact car that has been on the market from Toyota since 1966. The exhaust system is critical to proper operation of your Toyota and keeps it running safely and efficiently. When the exhaust system is worn-out, replacement may be necessary; there are a number of performance exhaust system upgrades that car owners may choose to maximize the potential of their vehicles.

How can you know if your car has exhaust issues?

There are some signs that can highlight potential problems. The system includes parts like the catalytic converter, a federal requirement that reduces pollution by controlling emissions, as well as a muffler that keeps the car running with a pleasant sound and without excessive noise. Like all parts of a vehicle, with wear or impact, an exhaust system could show signs of damage that indicate a need for repair or replacement. These signs include the following:

  • Vibrations and power loss: If you start the car and feel odd vibrations or a lack of energy, it could mean that you have a leak in the exhaust system. Leaks can develop in the exhaust manifold and cylinder head, among other locations, and prevent the car from reaching its performance potential.
  • Loud rumbling noises: A common sign of an exhaust problem is a loud rumbling sound being emitted from the car. This could mean that the muffler or a pipe in the car is damaged.
  • Startup sounds and performance problems: If the catalytic converter has been removed or damaged, the Toyota may make loud noises when starting up and suffer from performance issues.
  • Decreased fuel efficiency: If you find yourself refilling your gas tank more frequently than normal, this could be a sign of a leaky exhaust system. This uses greater power from the engine and cuts fuel efficiency.
What options are there for Toyota exhaust systems?

You can find a few different types of replacement exhaust systems for the Toyota Corolla. You could choose to replace a damaged part, like a pipe, muffler, or catalytic converter, or you may choose to install an entirely new system. Some options include:

  • Cat-back systems: These performance exhaust systems leave the stock catalytic converter in place and replace everything else. These systems can include a muffler, tailpipe, and other pipes for the system, producing more exhaust power and enhanced fuel efficiency.
  • Axle-back systems: These include all system components from the rear axle to the tip of the exhaust system. These can be a great choice if you want to replace fewer components but still gain performance.
  • Header-back systems: These replace the entire system, including the header collector and catalytic converter, and are the most comprehensive and complex.