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Exterior Antennae for the Mazda 3

Antennas were the original wireless router in many ways. Over the years they've evolved to embrace new features like being retractable or built into the windshield. With a wide selection of exterior antennas to choose from, you can easily find what you need for your Mazda3.

How do you troubleshoot your antenna?

There are several problems that could be affecting your car's antenna. Depending on the issue, you may need a replacement unit or a signal booster. A list of possible issues includes:

  • Engine Interference: Your engine might be emitting a signal that's causing static.
  • Only one type of signal comes in: People often find that AM comes in clearly, but FM is nothing but static. Each signal has its own tuner, so this could indicate a problem with the FM circuitry in your current set-up.
  • AM static: You may just need a pre-amp booster.
What types of external antennas are there for the Mazda?

There's the whip, which rises into the air to receive satellite, AM and FM signals. Your Mazda3 uses a variation of this, a 7-inch stubby version coated in rubber. Some other antennae options include:

  • Built-in: With this option, the wires are encased in your windshield.
  • Whip: Classic look, usually chrome and sometimes retractable.
  • Stubby: A scaled-down version of the whip.
  • Shark Fin: this is a fun accessory that attaches to the roof of any car. It's a variation on the whip style.
How do you know which Mazda exterior antenna to get?

You can search for a replacement antenna based on the make and model of your car. This will ensure compatibility. It's important to buy based on your specific Mazda vehicle because the replacement will need to attach securely at the access point on the body of the car. This part will be the same for both the sedan and hatchback styles of the Mazda3. Some replacement parts are universal, and designed to work with any car. If you choose a universal replacement, make sure it will work with your Mazda's attachment point.

What are the benefits of a Mazda 3 exterior antenna?

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