Exterior Mirrors for BMW 328i

BMW 328i Car and Truck Exterior Mirrors

German automaker BMW introduced the 328i to the BMW 3 Series lineup in 2007. First built under the E90 sedan, the BMW 328i was later offered as a wagon, hatchback, and coupe. As with all street-legal vehicles, BMW 328i models come with exterior mirrors.

Does the BMW 328i side mirror have blind spot indicators?

BMW offers Active Blind Spot Detection as a feature on some of the BMW 3 Series models. Radar sensors located at the rear of the vehicle alert the driver if an automobile is approaching and potentially in a blind spot. Once the driver uses the indicators to switch lanes, they are warned of the approaching automobile in their blind spot by a flashing LED signal on the exterior of the side mirrors as well as vibrations.

Does the BMW 328i side mirror have reverse tilt?

Automatic reverse tilt is an optional feature offered on BMW mirrors. When the vehicle’s gear is put into reverse, the passenger side mirror will tilt down toward the ground. To engage automatic reverse tilt on the passenger side mirror, slide the side mirror adjuster switch to the left. To disengage the feature, slide the switch to the right.

Will a BMW 335i side mirror fit on a 328i?

While it is possible that BMW parts from other models may fit, be sure to confirm manufacturer part numbers for the replacement side mirror you are interested in. You should match paint codes as well to ensure that the purchased part will go with the exterior (and interior, if applicable) finishes of your car.

Why does the side mirror fold in the wrong position?

If your mirror folds the wrong way, the internal position sensor could have failed. A failed sensor is evident when the mirror folds past the normal stopping point. If the internal position sensor has failed, the entire side mirror must be replaced.

How do you replace the side mirror glass?

To start the process, gently remove the mirror glass with a plastic prying tool. For cars with heated mirrors, take the electrical connector out of its holder and then disconnect. Discard the old mirror glass. For cars with heated mirrors, take the new mirror glass and connect the electrical connectors. When youre done, gently snap the mirror glass back into the side mirror housing unit.

How do you replace the side mirror housing?

To replace the housing, begin by opening the side door for the side mirror. Starting at the tweeter, gently remove the door frame trim cover. Disconnect the tweeter and partially pull the door trim cover off. Press the release tab to disconnect the mirror electrical connector and pull it out. Remove the three T30 Torx mirror fasteners from the door frame. As you remove the last fastener, be sure to support the mirror to prevent it from falling. Reverse the aforementioned steps to install a new side mirror.