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How to Shop for Fairy Collectibles

A hobby that's magical for all ages, love of fairies and collectibles is an enjoyable pastime for many. There are quite a few ways to show your love and appreciation for these magical creatures, from having a bevy of statues and magic fairy figurines to decorating your walls with beautiful art and posters. Fairies also make a great gift and in some respects, are thought to offer good luck to the recipient.

What Are Fairy Figurine Ideas?

Fairies are an important part of the fantasy genre and many different types of fairies are brought to life by the way of figurines and collectibles. If you're searching for a gift or are not sure what types of fairies to look for, some statue ideas include:

  • Single fairy statue: Fairies are often sculpted while perched on a set of stairs or steps, a mushroom, or even a magical creature. 
  • Paired with friends: You may often catch one riding a dragon, conversing with a gnome, or seated on a horse. You may also be able to find two fairies side by side, or seated as a group.
  • With specific embellishments: Think of fairies however you'd like to think of them, and there are many figurines with this in mind. Look for fairies as mermaids, as angels, with butterfly wings, or with dragonfly wings.

You may also want to look for specific embellishments on the figurine or stand itself, such as:

  • Glittered or sparkling figurines
  • Steampunk style collectibles and fairies
  • Fairies with shamrocks

What Are Fairy Jewelry Types?

It may be more enjoyable for you to own or give types of jewelry, featuring a figure. Similar to figurines, these small items will feature small and precious stones, or will hang from a chain. Choose from:

  • Stainless-steel or silver jewelry
  • Pendants or charms only
  • Fairy figurines holding a pearl or other precious stone
  • Charm bracelets with several different fairy figurines
  • Fairy figurines with other "friends," such as dragons or unicorns

How to Look for Fairy Posters and Prints

There are also many fantasy posters and prints with fairy figurines and other type of related Gothic or fantasy themes. Look for suitable types, such as:

  • Posters from specific movies or books
  • Already matted posters (includes a border and is already in a frame)
  • Prints from certain and famous artists, such as Amy Brown
  • Garden themed posters
  • Religious posters, especially ones with Wiccan themes

In lieu of posters and prints that hang on the wall, you may also want to consider:

  • Postcards and cardstock (such as thank-you cards) with pixie and garden fairy themes
  • Notebooks and school accessories with related themes
  • Accessories and clothing with photographs from prints and posters