Fake Food

Fake food is food designed to look like the real thing. These pieces can look like cupcakes and other desserts as well as main dishes. You'll find various ways to use these fake decorations and props around your own home.

What is fake food made of?

The American manufacturers of these props take inspiration from the actual items that you eat daily. That gives them an idea of what each one should look like and what they can do to replicate the design. Many items like cakes and cupcakes use Styrofoam as a base. Designers use paint and other materials to create the frosting and sprinkles on top. To create a fake food display, companies will often use a solid base like a ceramic platform or stand. This makes the fake cupcakes and other items look more realistic.

How do wedding planners use fake food?

Wedding planners often use food of this type at receptions. Couples who want to spend less can invest in a fake cake with an elaborate design. These cakes often have a cutout in the back that they can use to store a real dessert. That is the cake that they cut into during the cutting ceremony. The planner will take the fake cake to the back. Workers then cut into sheet cakes that they serve to guests. Some couples serve cupcakes instead. Food props like cupcakes also make for an elegant wedding display. Those fake cupcakes let guests know what to expect after dinner.

How can you use the food as decor?

With fake cupcakes arranged as a display, you can create an eye-catching focal point in your kitchen. Visitors will want to grab a cupcake from that display as a quick snack. Other props can bring some more colour into your kitchen. A display of replica fruit like grapes and strawberries adds a bright pop of colour. You can also use food that works with the theme of certain rooms. A realistic burger and fries or an ice cream sundae might look great in diner style room.

What are prank foods?

Some fake products are part of a prank line that let you pull great tricks on others. One example is a soda cup or coffee cup that looks like it tipped over and spilled liquid. That liquid has a sheen that makes it look more real. Prank foods can include something like a fake cupcake or ice cream, too. A friend or loved one might actually try to take a bite of that fake cupcake because it looks so realistic.

Is fake food suitable for kids?

Fake food is definitely suitable for kids. Some manufacturers make fake cupcakes, fruit, meat, and other foods that kids can use during playtime. They can use the food in a fake play restaurant and pretend like they made cupcakes, cakes, and other dishes. Kids can use those fake props and food to create their own pretend restaurants, too. They can give adults and their friends time to order cupcakes complete with frosting and sprinkles from their menus.