Fenders for Acura TL

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Acura TL Fenders

The fenders are extensions in automobiles that outline a wheel, and their main role is to keep mud or water from being tossed into the air by the rotating tire while driving on the muddy or watery ground. They have since become an integral part of a vehicle. The Acura TL is a mid-size luxury sedan that has detachable inner fenders hanging over their wheels with slightly protruding flares to completely cover it.

What are fender flares?

Fender flares, or simply fender extensions, are the exterior extensions of the fender, sometimes integrated with the body of the car. The flares of the TL are normally integrated with the body of the car and complement the fender. Detachable fender flares are common in SUVs and trucks.

What are the factors to consider when buying new fenders?

You will likely be compelled to replace your Acuras fenders with time. This could be because the existing ones are broken, or you simply want to give your vehicle a remarkable, new look.

Before settling on a replacement, there are factors you must consider when buying the new fenders for your Acura TL. The size and type of the tires play an important role while choosing fenders for your Acura TL. Larger custom sports models may require fenders with extended flares to cover up fully.

Another possible factor is the space between the tire and the body of your Acura TL above it. Thick fenders may not fit in well and will occupy almost the entire space making the tires scratch on them while you are driving. Choose thin fenders that will fit in between the tire and the mounting surface on the car without scratching.

How do you replace the fenders on your Acura TL?

Fenders are securely attached to the vehicle using bolts. The experience of replacing a fender will vary according the reason why they are being replaced in the first place. If you are simply upgrading your old ones, then it will be less complicated. However, if you are replacing the fender on your sedan because of damages caused by minor collisions, the process might be slightly complex because it may involve replacing some other components such as the bolts and leveling the mounting surface of the fender, which may have been bent by the collision impact. Nonetheless, the process is fairly similar.

First, you will need to remove the bumper because the fender is usually attached to it. Once the bumper is out, unfasten the bolts holding the fender into place and detach it from the TL. Some bolts may be hidden in the interior. Ensure all the bolts are out before you pull the fender out to avoid breaking any.

Next, fit in the new bumper, mark the bolt areas, and drill bolt holes on the new fender. Normally, new fenders will have no readily drilled holes to ensure flexibility. Re-attach the fender and bolt it firmly using all the bolts. This ensures there are no loose ends that may scratch on the tire of the Acura TL.