First 4 Figures Video Gaming Merchandise

Add First 4 Figures to Your Gamer Collection

First 4 makes detailed replicas of various characters or things that appear in video games. You can find a large selection of their products on eBay. Familiarizing yourself with some of the First 4 figures that are available, how they look, and what accessories they carry can help you choose the collectibles that meet your standards.

What characters or properties can you choose?

First 4 creates realistic replicas of several characters from video game franchises. If you want to add particular video game characters to your collection of figures, you can browse through eBays entire list. Some of the categories on the sidebar may help you refine your search. Common characters that youll find include the following:

  • Spyro- You can find figurines of Spyro the Dragon and other characters from the Spyro series of games.
  • Zelda- Zelda characters might include the playable character Link or the eponymous princess. There may be many versions of Link to choose from based on which video game representation you want.
  • Samurai Champloo- First 4 creates various collectible figures from this series.
  • Dark Souls- The Dark Souls franchise features several myth-like creatures and characters that the company reproduces as detailed figures for fans of the series.
How are the First 4 figures displayed?

Most First 4 figures youll find on eBay come attached to their own display stands. You can use these stands to place your figurines on any flat surface. The stands provide you with a great way to display figures from the same game or series together in a panorama if you wish. In most cases, each item comes in one action pose that is specific to that character or creature. You may wish to purchase multiple versions of a character to build up sets that have different action poses.

Can you purchase new and used First 4 figures?

First 4 makes figurines or statues that are intended for display purposes as collectibles. Most of the items you will find on eBay are not used, but they may be preowned. A preowned figure is one that a collector might have opened to display on their shelf. It is possible that you will find a preowned item that includes slight cosmetic blemishes. Because these figures are made for a display, used ones may not have any wear or marks. You can purchase new items that are still in their original box. Any figure that has a "mint" descriptor should be a brand-new item in sealed packaging with its original papers.

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