Fishing Baits Lures Flies

Fishing baits, lures, and flies are supposed to mimic the favourite food of the fish that you are trying to catch. Making them is a skill, and some of them are so beautiful that you might want to display them. Of course, that would come preferably after you have landed your fish.

What bait should you fish with?

The bait to fish with is the bait that resembles the food the fish likes to eat. Dry flies, for example, rest on the surface of the water and are meant to lure fish that capture their prey in that location. Wet flies either represent insects or other animals that have fallen to the bottom, or insects whose larvae live at the bottoms of lakes or streams. Nymphs mimic fish prey that live beneath the water. Lures that mimic small fish are effective in baiting mackerel and salmon. There are large saltwater flies that are meant to resemble shrimp and other crustaceans. Of course, bait such as wax worms are also used.

What type of lures are used for bass?

Lures used for bass include

  • Jigs: Jigs are simply hooks with colourful feather or plastic tails and weighted heads. The head helps the hook sink, and the colourful tail catches the fish’s attention.
  • Crankbait: Crankbait are lures that are shaped and coloured like prey fish. They have bills that allow them to sink and at least two double hooks. Some crankbaits have lips, while others are lipless.
  • Jerkbait: This type of lure is made to resemble an injured fish, and gets its name because you have to jerk the rod to get it to move and attract the bass. There are many kinds of jerkbaits, including hard, soft, sinking, suspending, and floating.
  • Swimbait: These large baits are meant to catch the largest types of bass. They mimic prey such as fish, frogs, mice, and ducklings. They can be hard-bodied, soft-bodied, or have paddle tails. Some are segmented.
What are some trout fishing baits and lures?

Baits and lures for trout fishing include lightweight spinners, spoons, and plugs. Spoon lures are often made of shiny metal and are oblong, while plugs are crankbait. Spinners resemble mayflies.

How do you fish with a lure?

The first thing to do is to choose the right lure for the fish you want. It is good to practice a technique called “walking the dog,” before you settle in. This technique resembles the wrist action you have when you are taking your dog for a walk. You cast the lure and hold the tip of your rod at a 45-degree angle, then gently jerk it and turn the reel until it is at 90 degrees. This movement imitates a prey fish trying to flee. Another technique is called dead-sticking. This uses a lure that sits on top of the water. Cast, then wait until the water is still. Count to 10, then move your rod enough to make the lure move just a bit, then stop. Repeat.