Fixed Tanto Knife

These tactical knives are designed based on the traditional Japenese tanto swords, translated as "short blade" in English. Tanto knives are created with a sturdy, strong tip that is ideal for activities like self-defense, hunting, and tactical situations. The hallmark of these Japanese-inspired knives is the thick-pointed blade that provides exceptional penetration.

What brands offer the tanto knife?

Cold Steel, KA-BAR, Gerber, SOG, and CRKT are some of the leading brands that have this type of fixed knife available. Other brands carrying these fixed blades include Smith & Wesson, Benchmade, Schrade, Hogue, and Colt. A large number of the tanto knives are produced by KA-BAR.

What are the features of the tanto knives?

Two of the KA-BAR knives feature a partially serrated edge designed for cutting and similar tasks. The blades for the knives are often comprised of black carbon steel. Either knife typically weighs between 6 and 12 ounces. These fixed blades on this type of knife are designed for a variety of purposes, including combat, survival, and hunting.

The short fighting, utility tanto knife is a practical size for carrying and camping and features a Kraton G, oval-shaped handle. The high-carbon steel on these tanto blades is often coated with powder epoxy. The edges for many of these blades are buff polished. Other features of these quality tantos include powder-coated black carbon steel guards and metal bumps. Black sheaths are also included with these tanto knives.

What are the common features found in tanto blades?

Tanto blades are typically anywhere from 2 to 12 inches long. Generally speaking, most tanto blades range from 5 to 8 inches. The Cold Steel Kobun Light Weight Boot Knife features a 5.5-inch blade edge made of Japanese AUS 8A Stainless Steel. The point on this knife is highly resistant to breaking or bending since the tip is supported by the spine of the blade.

What are some of the features of tanto knife handles?

The handles for these tanto fixed blades are often crafted from a wide variety of materials, including leather, Kraton G, textured Zytel, and rubber. Other materials used on these Japanese-inspired blades are textured rubbers, textured G-10, and steel. The tanto knife handles may also be crafted with an ergonomic design as well.

What are some of the features included on tanto sheaths?

Often times, this type of knife does include a sheath with the purchase. Some of the different options used with these blades include the Cordura style, Kydex style. There are also glass-filled nylon options available for this type of knife as well. The Secure Ex-Sheath for this type of knife is designed with the tek-lock feature for enhanced safety.