Forestry Equipment Supplies

Purchasing quality forestry equipment may seem like a daunting process. Understanding what supplies are available and what their most common applications are is a good place to start. Below, we will answer a few questions commonly asked by those looking to purchase this type of equipment.

What is forestry equipment?

Forestry equipment is a term used for tools and supplies used in the forestry industry. There are many different types of equipment that may fall under this category.

Forestry equipment can be used to cut down or haul trees, remove brush, and more. Heavy-duty vehicles in this category are usually used in the logging industry, but forestry gear can also include vehicle parts, accessories, and other forestry-related gear.

What are some common types of forestry equipment?

Forestry heavy machinery generally falls into two categories. These categories are full-tree equipment and cut-to-length equipment. Here are how the two harvesting methods vary:

  • Cut-to-length, or shortwood harvesting, involves cutting trees and delimbing them directly at the stump.
  • Full-tree log removal is a process of mechanized logging where the bole and crown of a tree are fully removed and then transported to a roadside location.
What gear is used for full-tree equipment?

Full-tree equipment includes:

  • Skidders: A skidder is a type of heavy duty machine that is used in a logging operation. Skidders pull trees out of the forest and then assist in transporting them to a cutting site.
  • Wheeled Feller Bunchers: This is a kind of harvester used in logging operations. It is a motorized type of vehicle with a cutting attachment designed to rapidly cut and gather trees.
  • Knuckleboom Loaders: A knuckleboom loader is a kind of loader that has a hydraulic boom used in the logging industry.
  • Tracked Feller Bunchers: This type of productive logging mechanism is used to harvest timber. It is similar to a wheeled buncher but has tracked wheels to maximize efficiency.
  • Swing Machines: A swing machine or swing yarder is used in the process of pulling logs from the forest with cables.
What gear is used for cut-to-length equipment?

This kind of equipment includes:

  • Wheeled Harvesters: This kind of harvester helps cut trees by delimbing, felling, and bucking trees. It's usually used in conjunction with a forwarder to haul logs.
  • Forwarders: Forwarders are used to carry large felled logs to a roadside landing.
  • Tracked Harvesters: This type of harvester is similar to a wheeled harvester but uses tracks to maximize efficiency.
What are some forestry equipment companies? There are a couple of excellent suppliers that create quality equipment used within agricultural applications, such as the logging industry.
  • John Deere: John Deere is a manufacturer of forestry machinery and heavy duty vehicles. They are a trusted company that has been creating agricultural equipment since 1804.
  • Caterpillar Inc.: Caterpillar Inc. (Cat) has been serving American corporations since 1925. They are a trusted manufacturer of heavy machinery, including logging and forestry vehicles.