Choose a New Laptop with All Your Favorite Features

Laptops come in a variety of form factors and styles to suit a whole range of preferences and needs. eBay hosts hundreds of affordable laptop models from several brands, and you can explore the main features and configurations you want and find the laptop that works for you.

What features can you add to your laptop?

Most laptops come equipped with a set of standard features. If you have some particular requirements, you can use the categories on eBay to select the features you find useful. This can help you narrow your search and find laptops that already include the features you like. Some common options you can include are:

  • Touchscreen - Some laptops allow you to interact directly with its programs using only the screen. You won't need to use the keyboard or pointing devices.
  • Backlit keyboard - It can be difficult to see the individual keys in dim light. A backlit keyboard can make typing in these situations easier.
  • Bluetooth support - A laptop with Bluetooth connectivity can interact with a network wirelessly. It can also communicate with other shared devices.
Can you choose a particular operating system?

Many laptops on eBay feature some version of the Windows operating system. Although all versions of this OS function similarly and tell your laptop how to run, each version can have unique features that you might find helpful. Some operating systems are intended to help the laptop run as a business tool. Other systems can include features that make your computer an entertainment device. You can use eBay to find reasonably priced, free laptops with the operating system or version that you like. Some common choices here include Windows 7, 8, and 10.