Fuel Injectors for Ford Ranger

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Ford Ranger Fuel Injectors

If one of the fuel injectors in your Ford starts to wear out, your truck will run inefficiently and eventually stop. This essential Ford part ensures a smooth, even ride at all times. Fortunately, a replacement fuel injector will get your Ford running smooth again in no time.

How many fuel injectors does the Ford Ranger have?

The number of fuel injectors depends on the number of cylinders in your Ford Rangers engine. Engines with four cylinders need four injectors, while V6 types need six fuel injectors. Therefore, the number of injectors will depend on the build and year of your Ford Ranger.

How do Ford Ranger fuel injectors work?

Fuel injectors form an essential part of vehicle performance by ensuring smooth and even combustion. You will find several individual injectors inserted into holes on your Fords manifold. Each fuel injector looks like a column with a broad top, a narrow bottom, and an attached plug for wiring. These attached wires control the rate of fuel intake and release. In order to maximize efficiency, fuel injectors act as a go-between that evenly distributes power. They receive gasoline or diesel taken from the tank. They then inject that fuel directly to the moving pistons at just the right time for combustion. By using fuel injection for delivery, your Ford engine receives regular, steady power to each rotating part. Injection keeps internal combustion mechanisms turning smoothly and evenly by giving each part equal attention.

How can you find replacement injectors?

Fuel injector type ties directly to Ford engine type. Keep the following information on hand, and you will find the right part easily.

  • Year: The Ford Ranger line includes a broad range of pickup trucks which share the same name but are very different under the hood. Therefore, its essential to search by year of release.
  • Build type: In addition to model year, you should know the build and engine type. This may include Ford Performance builds, which are also known as Ford Racing. Different builds have different related parts.
  • Replacements needed: If one fuel injector breaks, you can choose to replace one or all of them. Note that replacing only the broken part may not be entirely helpful. Injectors perform the necessary work of keeping fuel delivery even. One new fuel injector in a bank of several older ones may result in uneven delivery. Therefore, even if only one fuel injector breaks, you may want to consider replacing all of them.