Full Beds and Bed Frames

When you are in the business of buying a bed to add to your bedroom furniture, there are multiple options to consider. You can find the best fit for you and your style as there are many options. It's helpful to know the amount of space you have for furniture before you shop.

What styles of beds are available?
  • A platform bed frame is a style that often fits into a modern decor theme. The platform bed is usually a mattress foundation that the mattress rests on. Often you don't need a box spring if you use a platform bed in your bedroom.
  • A classic bed is a clean-cut look, typically fashioned with four feet that elevate it above the floor. They usually feature a footboard, a headboard, and sideboards.
  • A storage bed is much like a platform bed only it features drawers built into the sturdy frame. Keep your sheets and linens in the drawers or if you are in a small room, use the drawers for your clothing.
  • An adjustable metal frame bed is a smart option if you aren't sure of what size you'll need. They have two or three different slots- twin, full, or queen, that the nail heads slip into depending on the size of your bed.
  • A panel bed has a headboard that locks into your metal frame for a simple appearance.
  • A daybed works best in a smaller space. They have three sides and a mattress on the bottom so it doubles as a couch and a bed. This is a great choice for a guest space or home office.
  • A bunk bed or a trundle bed is fun for the kid's room. Bunk beds and trundle beds come in a couple different variations, a twin-over-twin combination, a twin-over-full combination, or a full-over-full combination.
What types of mattresses are available for full sized beds?

There are many varieties of mattresses that can give you the night's sleep you're seeking. Depending on the level of cushion you like, there are quite a few options available.

  • Memory Foam mattresses offer a firm option. The mattresses usually come delivered in a box and take a few days to completely come to size.
  • Innerspring mattresses offer all levels of plushness from soft to firm.
  • Pillowtop mattresses have a layer of cushioning over the innerspring for added comfort.
  • Gel memory foam hybrids cool while offering firm support for a comfortable night's sleep.
When does a mattress need replacing?

Depending on what kind of mattress you buy, you may not have to replace your mattress for 10 years or more. The innerspring mattresses can be flipped and rotated so that it wears evenly. The pillowtop mattresses should only be rotated. The memory foam and gel topped beds are supposed to last for up to 20 years.