FurReal Friends

FurReal Friends

FurReal Friends makes stuffed animals for fans of all ages. These soft, plush friends have animatronic components. A FurReal Friend is an interactive toy for both children and adults.

What do FurReal Friends do?

The FurReal creatures from Hasbro are stuffed animals that interact with you and respond to touch. The activities that a FurReal companion can do varies on the model, but the animal may be able to:

  • Walk
  • Talk
  • Make animal noises
  • Sing
  • Glow

Some FurReal models interact with each other or have additional features when paired with a mobile app.

How do FurReal Friends work?

FurReal friends have animatronic components that respond to their accessories or your actions. To play with the animal, you can turn it on and give it prompts to which it can respond.

  • Power the toy using the on/off switch.
  • Bring the accessories near the toy to watch how the animal responds.
  • Move near the animal or touch it to encourage other actions from the stuffed toy.
  • If you do not play with the toy for a few minutes, it may go into sleep mode. Interact with the animal to wake it back up.
  • Shutting the pet off with the switch when not in use will conserve battery life.
How many FurReal Friends are there?

Hasbro began making FurReal pets in 2002. Each years lineup usually includes around 30 or more animals in production. The manufacturer has offered several collectible lines of toys over the years.

  • Pets with Style: Fashion-themed animals that feature different accessory items.
  • Lil Big Paws: Friends with squeezable stomachs and interactive accessories.
  • Fantasy Collection: Magical creatures such as dragons and unicorns.
  • Happy to See Me: Cheerful animals that move and make noise.
  • Sweet Singin: Animals that make music and move their heads.
  • Fuzz Pets: Soft friends that make move their heads and eyes.
  • Maker: Customizable dogs with a robotic appearance.
How do you clean FurReal Friends?

Just like real pets, whether your FurReal companion is a dog, cat, or other lifelike animal, they should be gently brushed on occasion. To remove deeper dirt, they should be spot-treated.

  1. Lightly rub a brush or dry cloth over the toy to begin removing dirt.
  2. Moisten a cloth with a small amount of water.
  3. Use the damp cloth to wipe down dirty spots.
What FurReal Friends dogs are there?

Hasbro has manufactured several varieties of FurReal dogs. For example, there is "Pax, My Poopin Pup," who walks on a leash and stops for bathroom breaks. Another furry friend is "Chatty Charlie, the Barkin Beagle," who not only barks but also has a collar that translates his messages. You can find pups that jump, sing, blink, sit, or do tricks.

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