G Scale Model Railroads & Trains

G Scale Model Railroads and Trains

When building a model train scene, its advisable to stick to a single scale because that ensures that the ratio between different objects looks appropriately realistic. G-scale items are noted for being large and hefty, so they can be used in either indoor or outdoor models. Its also considered to be a standard size, so it is easy to combine G-scale locomotives, railroad tracks, and cars from many different brands.

What are G-scale model trains?

The G in this model railway term got its name from the German word, "gross," which means big. In contemporary times, a lot of people also say the G comes from the phrase "garden scale" because G-scale products are so commonly used for garden railways. A G-scale train is any model train that will run on a G-gauge railway. This refers to a railway that has rails spaced 45-millimeters apart.

What brands of G-scale trains and railroads are available?

Since it is one of the standard scales, you can easily find G-scale products. The G-scale ratio is used by these common model train producers.

  • LGB: LGB was the first company to create G-scale model trains.
  • Bachmann: Bachmann is particularly notable for their themed G-scale sets, like ones featuring Thomas the Tank Engine.
  • Aristocraft: Aristocrafts items are generally used in outdoor conditions.
  • Lionel: Lionels G-guage product line includes remote controls, whistles, and bell sounds.
  • PIKO: PIKO creates weather-resistant models with a variety of G-scale trains, buildings, and tracks.
  • USA Trains: Both the American and the Work Trains series made by USA Trains use the G scale.
What accessories are there for model G-Scale trains?
  • Tracks: Technically, the definition of G scale mostly refers to the railroad track itself. Any G-gauge track will have a gauge of 45 millimeters.
  • Model locomotives: Trains that run on G gauge have scales of 1:22.5, 1:24, 1:29, or 1:32, generally.
  • Train cars: You can find both passenger and freight cars in G-scale versions.
  • Buildings:Stations, houses, depots, or other buildings can be included to make your garden railway look more realistic. You can find both modern and historical options.
  • People: Figures for G-scale sets are slightly large so that they look proportional to the G-scale versions.
  • Other accessories: Other G-scale-sized items like lights, gates, scenery, cars, or animals help to add to the realism of your scene.