Garmin 430 Avionics GPS

Flight Safety Planning With Garmin Avionics

Professional SAR pilots, mission managers, and observers communicate and navigate with Garmin Aviation GPS or Global Positioning System. You can find new and used Garmin 430 avionics GPS systems on eBay.

Some essential Garmin avionic models

Here are some of the affordable Garmin avionic models you can find on eBay:

  • Garmin 430 - One feature is the obstacle and aviation databases. Both of them will need to be updated before the flight and trip planning begins. You use knobs to control communication and navigation activities. Specifically, one knob flip-flops the radio frequencies between kilohertz and megahertz units.
  • Garmin GNS 430: The Garmin GNS 430 is a combination mapping GPS that shows a moving map display of your current location. There is also a navigation/communication unit that lets you tune two COM and two NAV (VLOC) frequencies. One "in-use" and one "standby" can be swapped with a flip-flop button.
Are there advanced avionics with the Garmin 650 GPS?

The Garmin 650 model series is also available. All Garmin GPS devices within the 650 series have certain features, some of which include the ability to set waypoints and the ability to visualize your entire flight plan (including departures, arrivals, holding procedures, etc.). They also come with the ability to display dynamic global moving maps that enhance your awareness of terrain, weather fronts, and airplane traffic. The following are some of the 650 models:

  • Garmin 650 GPS (base model) - This uses touchscreen and menus to fine tune radio settings and navigation menus. The GTN 650 also has an anchor to place your hand during turbulence. Other features include tracking weather data, monitoring active traffic, and an easy-to-use, rock-solid steady interface. You can also store your most frequently used waypoints for future trips.
  • Garmin GTN 650 GPS - This combines an intuitive 4.9-inch touchscreen with menus and buttons.
  • The GTN 650 - This model interfaces with a wide range of existing avionics and autopilots for even more safety and navigational confidence.
  • Garmin 650 GPS - Options include voice commands, global text/voice calling, wireless database updates, and more.
An interesting Garmin Portable GPS

In addition to avionic GPS technology, Garmin also supports the consumer GPS market, specifically with models like the Garmin Astro 430. This GPS is a hand-held GPS and tracking T5 dog collar. Currently, this bundle is only available in the US and has the following features:

  • Water resistant to IP7
  • Ability to track up to 20 dogs over nine miles with GPS/GLONASS satellite tracking
  • 2.5-second update rate
  • Pre-loaded with TOPO US 100K mapping and one-year of Bird-Eye satellite imagery subscription
  • Hunt metrics data for dog behavior analytics
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