Garmin Golf GPS Covers Your Game

Whether you're a professional or recreational player, a Garmin Golf GPS can allow for game improvement. New and used golf GPS devices come in two formats: handheld or wearable in the form of a watch. These devices will display a map of the course and precise distances between you, your ball, and the hole as well as your exact location on the course and hazards.

Essentials to consider when choosing your Garmin Golf GPS
  • Handheld or watch format - Your choice depends on your preferences. The handheld formats are generally sleek and offer a larger screen, while the wearable watches leave your hands free at all times.
  • Battery life - Most Garmin Golf GPS devices come with internal rechargeable batteries, which means that they have limited autonomy. Depending on how your play days usually go, make sure you are aware of how long your GPS will last once charged.
  • Preloaded courses - Some models, such as the handheld Approach G6, come with numerous preloaded courses from all over the world, while others like the Approach S10 offer a limited number of domestic courses. Course updates might require a subscription at an additional cost.
  • Tracking - Most Garmin Golf GPS device track your scores, distances, and times. Some, like the Approach G6, will also act as a digital scorecard and keep track of strokes for up to four players.
  • Accessories and syncing - Consider what extras come with your GPS: Do you want to be notified of calls? The Approach S60 can be synced to your smartphone. Do you want to clip your handheld Golf GPS to your belt? You can acquire a belt clip or a carabineer clip adapted to the model you choose.
Choosing the right Garmin Golf GPS model

There are many choices for Garmin Golf GPS models, including some of the following devices:

  • Approach S60 - This Garmin golf watch keeps track of stats, has a color display, and syncs with smartphones and other Garmin devices such as Garmin TruSwing. It acts as a smartwatch when you’re not playing and is tailored to accommodate easy and quick band replacement for style or practicality.
  • Approach G6 - This handheld model offers a large number of preloaded golf courses worldwide. It tracks all stats and scores and is waterproof. Its display is larger than that of a watch.
  • Approach X10 - The Garmin Approach X10 golf band is more compact and comfortable than a golf watch. It features free course updates, longer battery life than golf watches, and extreme location accuracy.
  • Approach X40 - This slim golf band offers all the features of a golf watch and auto-records your shots. It also syncs with other devices as well as tracks your daily activities, heart rate, steps, and calories burned.