Garrard Record Player and Turntable Parts

Garrard Record Player and Turntable Parts

Record players are complex machines that only operate properly if all of their parts are working together. As parts wear out, replace them with new ones to continue using your record player and turntable.

How do you find the right Garrard turntable parts?

The first step in finding the parts that you need is determining the exact model of your turntable. While all Garrard record players are similar, only parts that are designed specifically for your model will work with your turntable. If you dont know the model of your record player offhand, find the model number on the turntable body. Next, youll need to determine the source of the issue that youre experiencing with your Garrard. If youre dealing with a faulty motor, for instance, replacing the cartridge wont do any good. Carefully test each component of your turntable to make sure that you wont replace functional parts unnecessarily.

What types of Garrard record player parts are available?

Some of the replacement parts that you might need when repairing your Garrard turntable include:

  • Motor: The motor is the part in your Garrard record player that causes a record to spin.
  • Cartridge: The cartridge connects to the needle and carries the audio signal from the needle to the tonearm.
  • Needle: Also known as the stylus, this is the part of the cartridge that actually touches the record.
  • Belt: The turntable belt is attached directly to the motor and carries kinetic energy from the motor to the revolving platter.
  • Idler wheel: The idler wheel is an alternative to the turntable belt that is used in older Garrard models.

How do you install a new Garrard turntable stylus?

If you determine that your issue is with your stylus, youll need to equip yourself with a screwdriver and tweezers before getting started. Then, follow these instructions to replace your stylus:

  • After determining the exact stylus that works with your Garrard record player, remove the cartridge carrier from the tonearm.
  • Disconnect the old needle from the cartridge by pulling it out gently by hand.
  • If youre replacing the cartridge as well, disconnect the cartridge from the cartridge carrier by removing the screws and pulling the cartridge out gently.
  • Then, install the new cartridge into the carrier, and connect the wires with tweezers. Match each wire to its corresponding color.
  • Connect the new stylus to the cartridge by pushing it into place. Finally, connect the cartridge carrier to the tonearm to complete installation.
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