Three Things to Know About the Gibson ES 175

Gibson is one of the most popular guitar brands and has been for decades. Its hollow-body model, the electric ES 175, is a versatile instrument that sounds right at home playing diverse styles of music. Check out the affordable Gibson ES 175 guitars on eBay, which are useful instruments for musicians of every skill level.

Features of the Gibson ES 175

A number of features make a new or pre-owned Gibson ES175 a great choice for guitar players. These specs include:

  • An all-laminate construction
  • Deep body
  • Fretboard consisting of 20 frets
  • Volume and tone knobs for both the bridge and neck pickups

With 20 frets, you're provided with large frets that make it easier to sustain notes, whether you're playing chords or single note lines. The deep body gives the guitar a deeper resonation when you pluck its strings. Tone knobs for both pickups allow you to adjust how much sound is amplified from each pickup, whether you're adjusting at the bridge or neck. The bridge of the guitar also comes with a Bigsby tailpiece, which is a tool that helps the guitar produce a vibrato-like effect.

What styles of music go with the Gibson ES 175?

The deep body of the ES 175 allows you to play styles of music that require varied chords, such as jazz, which the ES 175 guitar is renowned for. It also works well for stage performances, such as musicals, where the guitar sound needs to be more subtle. Rock-n-roll is also a genre that the Gibson ES 175 is used for as its body can prevent your amplifier from feeding back when you raise the volume or create distortion.

What can you connect the Gibson ES 175 to?

You can connect this guitar to a number of different output devices. That way, the sound can be amplified or made more audible than when it's played acoustically. As a guitar with F holes, this guitar can be placed with a microphone near its body for a natural, acoustic-sounding output. Also, you can use an instrument cable to plug it into an amplifier. Then, it's easy to adjust the settings on both the guitar and amp to produce a sound of your liking. This guitar is also useable in recording settings. You can set the guitar up in a pro or home studio with a microphone, or plug it directly into an interface that records into a digital audio workstation (DAW).

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