A Luthier’s Promise With the Gibson Les Paul Junior

Not all guitarists begin by playing the most advanced guitars out there, and for this reason, professionals suggest a beginner’s instrument. Get all of the promise of a leading luthier from the Gibson Les Paul Junior guitar. These instruments incorporate the standards of Les Paul into their crafting but simplify some parts and pieces for a universal fit to suit any player.

Are all Les Paul guitars sold at full price?

The Gibson Les Paul Junior is an affordable option for guitarists looking for top-quality performance at a lower price. This instrument provides you with six strings and direct connections for a quick input into modern amplifiers. The “junior” in its name doesn’t mean this guitar is smaller than its predecessor. Expect a sound that you can manage at all experience levels.

Where the Les Paul Junior makes a difference

Some nuances are worth noting when considering this instrument. This guitar offers features like:

  • A solid body: The solid body is something Les Paul introduced at a marketable scale. Solid bodies rely heavily on their pickups to create sound and tone but without adding extra space.
  • An introductory product: This instrument is intended to lead you into the world of guitars by giving you all of the basics, which can be mastered faster and with less complication.
  • Double cutouts: Double cutouts are made for the Junior and give you more access to the fret board.
  • A single pickup: The simplicity of an affordable Gibson Les Paul Junior uses one pickup without complicating the way it works.
  • Single volume and tone: There’s one tone knob and one volume control. Beginners can minimize the confusion and learn about the fundamental sounds and how to play them.
Turning a guitar into a legend with Les Paul

The Les Paul guitar is inspired by luthier and musician Lester William Polsfuss. Here’s a look at how Gibson pioneered the Junior based on his design:

  • Introducing the solid body: The solid body makes this guitar small and compact with a tone built from condensed wood.
  • Humbucking away: Humbuckers became the option for getting a tone that the lack of guitar body couldn’t.
  • The sunburst classic: The yellow sunburst finish revolutionized how guitars look and is still in high demand.
  • Covering all genres: Sound is what Gibson achieved with its work, and now the Les Paul guitar is used in every top genre.
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