Grilles for Acura TL

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Acura TL Grilles

Grilles in vehicles are the decorative covers in between the hood and the bumper. Originally, grilles were meant for air passage to cool the engine and the radiator but with the technological advancements in automobiles, they have become more of decorative accessories. The Acura TL grilles together with the bumper shield the front lights, accessories, and the radiator from minor collisions while you drive your Acura luxury model sedan.

What patterns of grille are available for Acura TL?

The grille, being on the front of the car, is one of the first things people will notice on your Acura TL. As such, you want to make sure it brings out a nice impression of your vehicle. You can choose from the various styles and patterns of grilles that will match well with your Acura TL.

There are two common types of grille patterns that will lift your Acura exterior.

Mesh grilles - These consist of thin connected strands of metal with evenly spaced openings in between. The mesh patterns may be comprised of layers or just a single layer with a finishing polish to give them that elegant look.

Billet grille - Billet grilles consist of long strands of metal bars stacked together with air spaces in between. The metal bars may run vertically or horizontally and are polished to complete their look.

How do you replace the grille on your Acura TL?

The position of the grille on the Acura sedan exposes it to frequent collisions while driving. Traffic collisions may poke holes in the grille or bend the bars, exposing the radiator and redirecting the airflow. Either way, you will be prompted to replace the grille.

Replacing the grilles on your Acura TL is fairly easy and does not need any complex levels of expertise. All you need is a set of spanners and a new grille.

Open the hood to access the grille from the inside. There is always a plastic case that goes around the grille. Remove it to locate the bolts.

Next, use the appropriate spanner to unbolt the grille then proceed to remove it. Compare it with the new one to see if they are similar. The grilles are fitted using nuts. Therefore, they should be identical to ensure all the bolts will fit back into position.

Fit in the new grille and ensure all the nut openings have fallen into place. Bolt it back firmly and pull back the plastic cover on the sidelines. Pull back the hood to see if it is going in as smoothly as before.

If the procedure is done correctly, the grille should not rattle when driving.