Gucci Watches

In 1997, Gucci Group acquired the world's leading manufacturer of watches, the Severin Montres Group, making Gucci a worldwide leader in manufacturing luxury timepieces. The Gucci line of watches emphasizes fashion and advanced quality precision. Styles range from simple elegance to bold colours and designs.

What is a Gucci watch?

The creative design abilities of Gucci are combined with the precision of Swiss watchmakers. Gucci luxury watches, in gold or silver with sapphire faces offer a sedate appearance where beauty meets quality. Gucci sport watches are rugged, waterproof, and fashionable.

What are sapphire glass watch crystals?

Sapphire glass watch crystals are made from actual sapphire synthetically produced in a laboratory. Second only to diamonds in hardness and seven times harder than steel, sapphire offers exceptional scratch resistance. The inside of the sapphire watch face receives several anti-reflective coatings for maximum clarity.

What is the difference between a Gucci chronograph and a Gucci chronometer?
  • A Gucci chronograph has an extra dial, or dials, and is intended to serve double duty as a stopwatch.
  • A Gucci chronometer is a watch that has undergone a series of rigorous tests set to international standards and conducted by an independent organization.
What kind of movements do Gucci watches use?
  • Vintage Gucci watches have manual mechanisms and must be hand wound on a regular basis.
  • Some Gucci watches use auto winding mechanisms and the physical movements of the wearer as a power source.
  • In a quartz crystal movement, an oscillator sends bursts of electricity from the battery into the quartz crystal. This causes the crystal to vibrate with a precise frequency that is measured and converted into time by an onboard computer.
What styles of Gucci watches are available?

Gucci offers many different styles of both men's and women's watches.

  • Diamantissima is a luxury watch line features the signature Diamante pattern etched into the case.
  • G-Timeless is a watch line offers the same simple elegance of the Diamantissima with a vintage look. Gucci motifs on the dial such as the bee, the triangle, and the heart complete the look. The watch movement is visible through the transparent back.
  • Le Marché Des Merveilles (The Market of Wonders) is a line offers a collection of creative, artistic watches, all featuring the Gucci bee motif as well as the Gucci name stamped into the back.
  • G-Chrono is a line that features a distinctive G-shaped bezel and a chronograph, or stopwatch, function.
  • Dive is a watch line that features water resistance to 660 feet and a quartz movement.
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