Guitar Straps

A guitar strap is as invaluable an accessory for musicians as the pick, and the choices can be daunting for a new guitarist. The first guitar straps featured a clothesline variant tied to the necks of a heavy bass and an electric guitar. This style was pretty uncomfortable to a majority of guitarists, resulting in the introduction of the thriving industry.

What makes a comfortable guitar strap?

It should be comfortable to wear for extended periods both in well-ventilated rooms and open-air fests during the hot summer days. Modern guitar players are all about style and will look for a guitar strap that matches their outfits. A pop musician, for example, may choose a padded fuchsia nylon variant instead of a black leather guitar strap to pair it with his/her suit.

Should you pick a leather or nylon strap?

A nylon strap is the standard material for making guitar straps as it is stable and can be easily dyed. They are often combined with materials like leather and cotton, such as the LM C Jacquard (FF-15). Leather remains the most widely used natural material, and it comes in various shapes and colours due to the different tanning methods.

You want to avoid a smooth leather strap if you are performing in a hot summer concert as it causes excessive perspiration. Suede, raw leather strap, or fabric strap is ideal as it absorbs moisture. Ernie Ball, Planet Waves, and Franklin make suede brands.

Are additional cords necessary?

Most standard guitar straps have additional cords intended for an acoustic guitar. They have another strap button located at the neck base that allows you to use any standard strap. The classic guitar, however, doesn’t have belt-attaching features. As such, the Harley Benton guitar strap for the classical guitar, for example, can only be attached to the sound hole so that you can play while standing.

How do you choose a strap that fits perfectly?

A heavy instrument requires significant shoulder support. While most standard straps have a width of 5cm and 8cm, narrow straps tend to be less comfortable. You may attach a wide shoulder pad to the neck for additional comfort. The length of the strap also affects a perfect fit. A majority of guitar straps have an adjustable length, but it is advisable to measure the distance while strapping one button to another.