Gun Parts

All firearms have three major components: the stock, barrel, and the action. There are also gun accessory parts for purchase later or at the time of sale. When you buy gun parts, you need to make sure they are compatible with your rifle or handgun.

What parts are there for shotguns and rifles?

There is no way to compile a list of all rifle parts because each rifle, shotgun, and handgun have parts specific to that model. The best way to know what parts there are for your firearm is by getting to know your particular rifle or pistol. More accessories are available today for many types of shooters. Some of these accessories include night vision scopes, lights or lasers, gun stocks, rifle stocks, custom handguards, and so on. There are infinite ways to customize your firearm. However, there are rifle parts that overlap and some of those parts are:

  • Frames, receivers, receiver castings, forgings, or stampings
  • Mounting blocks (trunions)
  • Bolts
  • Bolt carriers
  • Barrels
  • Barrel extensions
  • Trigger housings
  • Triggers

How do you choose the right scope for your rifle?

Before selecting your scope you should ask yourself some important questions. Why do you want a scope? Do you want to improve your aim or are you already good at lining up your shoots? Will you be shooting at night? Answering questions like these will help you narrow down your options and focus on the features that matter most.

The features to look for are the construction, mechanics, magnification, and image quality. The mechanics and construction include the lens and reticle used to adjust your sight. These are what the cam tube holds and keeps in place. You need a well-constructed cam tube that can absorb the recoil impact.

There are some terms associated with the image quality. These are magnification, objective lens size, resolution, exit pupil, field of view, and eye relief. Considering your sport will help you select the right one. With more light coming in, the result is a sharper and clearer image.

The final aspect of selecting a scope is magnification. Low power is recommended for close range and moving targets. Medium power works well for shooting targets or hunting game from a medium range. High power is used for small game hunting and target practice.

What is a threaded barrel?

A threaded barrel replaces the factory barrel. They are for attaching a suppressor (silencer) or compensator. Compensators are typically used for competition shooting because it decreases the handguns recoil which reduces the barrel rising as much. Since suppressors allow handguns to be silently fired, they must be approved through the federal government.