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HO Scale Model Railroad Parts and Accessories

If you're a model railroad enthusiast looking to finish your initial setup, expand your scene, or change things up for your train, there are numerous parts and accessories to help create the HO scale model train layout of dreams. You can choose from a vast collection of figurines, tunnels, bridges, lamps, lights, trees, and other important essentials for your railroad. With top brands like Bachmann, Unbranded, Athearn, Life-Like, and more, you can find the quality pieces you want to enhance your collection of sets for locomotives.

How should you select scenery or layouts for your railroad?

Know what you want in advance and know what scale you wish to use. It’s also a good idea to have an idea how much space you have available for your model train project and to set a budget. As you build your railroad or plan your changes and additions, carefully consider what you want for an end result as far as appearance. Is the setting for your scene a small town or a big, bustling city? Is your time period now or the 1930s? Where in the world is your railroad located? What time of the year is it? What personal touches do you wish to add?

All of these are important factors in deciding what scenery, structures, figures, and vehicles to add. Knowing exactly what you want and need before you set out to put it all together can save you a good amount of time. Remember that building your railroad is supposed to be relaxing, enjoyable, and fun.

What is HO scale in inches?

The specific definition of HO scale varies slightly depending on the country and manufacturer of the pieces. In North America, the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) states that HO scale means that 3.5 millimeters (0.1378 inches) represent 1 real foot (304.8 millimeters).

Is HO scale good for someone just starting model railroads?

While there isn't a bad choice where scale is concerned in the world of model trains, HO scale is a smart choice and the most widely used. Many find that the scale is big enough to offer an impressive amount of details in the reproductions, yet it’s still small enough that setups created using this scale will fit in most rooms.

How can you make trees in a layout more realistic?

Many enthusiasts find it easiest to buy trees, such as those offered by Life-Like, for use in created wooded areas in their scenes. Trimming the trees lightly in an irregular pattern with scissors can lend a more natural look. Some enthusiasts favor using pencil shavings from a pencil sharpener around the base of the trees to lend a more realistic look.