HO Scale Model Railroad Parts & Accessories

When developing your model railroad and landscape, it is key to not overlook the importance of including accessories to round out your look. Model accessories are important to complete any town, landscape or city. With the wide variety of options available, the hard part is choosing what to include and not overloading your scenery. No matter what type of landscape you create, it is the attention to details that can really make your railroad model spectacular.

Types of Railroad Model Accessories

There are a wide variety of model accessories that you can choose from on the market today. Buildings are a popular choice to set the scene and type of environment that you want to create. Tunnels and bridges are always a fun option to include, as children and even adults love to see trains go in and out of tunnels and cross tall bridges.

Set the Scene

Scenery and trees are an easy accessory to include as they add dimension to your landscape and you can also utilize these accessories to switch up the seasons of your landscape. During wintertime, you could have snow covered trees and pockets of snow throughout your landscape; while during the fall, you could incorporate trees with colored leaves and even piles of leaves throughout the landscape.

Dont Forget People

People are an important aspect to include in your railroad model as they allow others to really imagine themselves in your landscape that you’ve created. People enjoy seeing the postman delivering mail door to door, or a factory worker headed off to work for the day, or a mother walking her children down the street.

Obey the Signs

Signals are an important accessory to include in your model railway as well. Real trains couldn’t run properly without the use of signals and neither could your model train. Lamps and lights also set the tone for your landscape. Many lights can be used with a timer so that they turn on, as it gets dark similar to a real town or city. Decals are an easy and cheap accessory to include and change as your landscape changes as well.

Brand of Railroad Model Accessories

There are several companies that manufacture a wide assortment of accessories that would work for any model railway. Some companies with high-quality accessories include Walthers, Woodland Scenics, Preiser, Faller, Atlas, Bachmann and Tyco. Certain companies specialize in different types of accessories for your model railroad but all companies pay attention to the little details that will make your model great.