HP Drive Bay Caddies for 3.5 in Drive

HP 3 5 Computer Drive Bay Caddies

This is the age of technology. Computers, laptops, tablets, and other smart devices serve a variety of daily tasks. There are many components available as accessories or add-ons for computers and their hard drives. A caddy is an essential accessory that works as a carrier for the computer drive. It provides safekeeping or protective storage for the drive. Models, design, and durability may vary. Some are made of plastic bezel components, metal brackets, and others are manufactured with an interposer, cables, and screws. The HP tray secures the hard drive and is especially useful for laptops with dual bays. A hard and optical drive bay is common on most laptops. HP computer drive trays are designed to secure drives like the HDD and SSD. Specially designed caddies can be added to laptops with only one optical drive and HD bay.

Which HDD Caddy Do I Need for My Laptop?

Larger laptops, like the 17-inch option, offer dual hard drives. Just as the name implies, the laptop operates with two hard drives installed. Most smaller laptops do not come with this feature. In many cases, the option can be added by replacing the optical drive with a SDD. This prevents carrying around USB sticks or external hard drives. HP caddies are available for your laptop. Specific models fit certain laptops and some are designed to pair with more than one model. It is important to use a proper fitting tray for a hard drive. Here are a few available options for your laptop or SATA Hard Disk.

  • SAS SATA Hard Drive Tray Caddy
  • DL380
  • DL380p
  • Gen8
  • ML150 for Compaq Proliant and others
  • ML350 for HP Proliant G6 and others
  • ML370 for gen7 drives and others
  • Universal HP Tray for SFF or SSD Drive
  • Universal Hard Drive Caddy for certain HP laptops

What Other Components are Associated With My Hard Drive?

The computer hard drive is the powerhouse of the laptop. There are many components associated with the proper function of the drive. All components must be of good quality and in perfect working order to execute standard or above standard performance. The motherboard, docking stations, backplane connectors and more must be considered in the performance of the hard drive. The hot-swap system is often used with the drive caddy, and designed to simplify the switch between 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch drives. A few other components that help the drive to perform efficiently include:

  • Enclosure: The space that holds the tray for the drive
  • SATA Connector: A durable connection device
  • 372311-001: Mounting screws for HP model laptop series
  • Adapter: Converts laptop components for use with other physical parts of hardware