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Choosing 17-inch ENVY Laptops

A viable alternative to your desktop computer, an HP ENVY laptop with a screen display of 17 inches or more gives you plenty of room when it comes to creating work documents, gaming on the go, or streaming movies or video content from an oversized, vibrant, and sharp screen. Here are some things to know when youre looking for a new laptop from this series.

What Are Some Notebook Features?

ENVY models offer a variety of compelling features that can come in handy for work or play. When you need to finish up work but you cant exactly take your desktop PC home with you, some of these features, including Microsoft software and a speedy Intel i7 processor can help you get the job done.

  • A backlit keyboard lets you see what youre typing on those late work nights, and gives you just enough light to see by when youre in a midnight gaming session.
  • Storage is always a concern when youre looking a smaller computer, but this brand has you covered. Models feature SSD storage that ranges from 32 GB up to 1 or 2 TB for plenty of space for you applications, games, and music. Your hard drive keeps your long-term documents and photos backed up.
  • Chat with faraway family and friends like theyre in the next room with a built-in webcam you can also use for business, like conference calling with your boss via Skype.

How Do You Select the Right Laptop?

Keep a few factors in mind as you consider which ENVY model youre going to get. This is dependent on how youll be using the notebook and which features are the most important for your specific needs.

  • What types of peripherals will you connect to your notebook? This will determine the connectivity options you need. Most of these Intel models include inputs such as USB, DisplayPort, HDMI, and some have an SD card slot.
  • Different versions of Windows give you a variety of features, so you may select a computer with the preinstalled software you desire. Some options with this series including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 10 Home.
  • The processor you select can determine how fast your computer works. Some options include the Intel Core i7, which offers different generations with features like Intel HD graphics, multiple cores, and cache memory.

What Models Should You Consider?

Here are a few HP ENVY full-size laptops to consider as you narrow down your options.

  • The 17-U273CL model has a 17.3-inch touchscreen and 16 GB RAM memory. Packed with a NVIDIA GeForce gaming card, the graphics are superior and crisp. A 1 TB HDD gives you plenty of permanent storage, while inputs include HDMI and USB 3.1.
  • The TouchSmart J100 gives you an SD card slot, DVD-RW drive, and Windows 10 Pro software along with a built-in webcam and USB ports.
  • Check out the 11 hours of battery time youll get with the touchscreen 17-U177CL model. Other features include 16 GB memory, dual speakers, and a DVD writer.

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