iSCSI Enterprise SAN Disk Arrays: Expand Your Network

As businesses and offices expand, more complex but reliable network solutions need to be implemented in order to create a stable framework for data sharing and management throughout the system. Enterprise solutions like iSCSI SAN Disk arrays are implemented to provide scalability to the network, allowing multiple drives to be installed easily to increase data capacity and performance of the system.

What Is a Disk Array?

  • Application: A disk array is a number of hard drives that use the SAS interface typically arranged in a storage array within a cabinet. It allows for increased availability, durability, resiliency, and maintainability using components and designs that eliminate single points of failure. These are classified into categories of network attached storage (NAS), storage area network (SAN), and storage virtualization. 
  • SAN: A storage area network describes a system that provides access to consolidated block-level data storage. It makes the storage devices accessible to servers so that they appear in computer operating systems as locally attached devices, much like how you would access a thumb drive or supplemental storage drive.
  • iSCSI storage:  iSCSI (pronounced EYE-skuzzy) stands for Internet small computer systems interface and describes an Internet-protocol-based storage standard that links data storage facilities and equipment. It allows initiators or clients to send SCSI commands to targets or storage devices on remote servers to make it appear like the devices are attached right to your computer. 

What Are Some Notable Examples of HP iSCSI SAN Disk Arrays?

  • K2R80A: This is an entry-level HP data storage unit for 8/16 GB Fibre Channels, 1/10Gbe iSCSI, or 12 GB SAS connections and has four ports per controller. It features two MSA 2040 iSCSI SAN controllers and can house multiple TB-capacity drives for expansive data storage. It connects via Ethernet and is supplied by dual power connectors.
  • HPE MSA 2052: This iSCSI SAN storage platform is ideal for managing the data of small to medium-sized businesses remotely or locally by delivering twice the performance of its predecessor, the MSA 2042. It is capable of remote replication with Fibre Channel and iSCSI support for flexible disaster recovery. 
  • AD537A: This iSCSI SAN model connects with SATA or SCSI drive enclosures and is built as a low-cost but large capacity storage solution. Up to 24 TB worth of drives can be attached using its eight-bay layout and each controller has 256 MB of cache and internal cache.
  • P2000: This iSCSI SAN device is a Fibre Channel and iSCSI combo controller that is flexible enough to share the resources over the two protocols. It physically connects over Ethernet with eight Ethernet ports using the iSCSI protocol. The device can also take up to 24 TB of storage at maximum.